A biker gang in the wasteland, who came into conflict with Violence Jack.

What they doEdit

Jack02 357

Chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool. and killin some homies, cuz we aint in school!

They attacked the car with Jun and her boyfriend Tetsuya and Tetsuya bit it(in the anime the carved him up with a chainsaw and gang f'd Jun. In the manga he just crashed cuz of them). After the Great Kanto Quake they ran wilder and attacked towns, killed people and b0ned chix(kinda like Haiti after their quake. Man, Go Nagai predicted the future! Just like Batman Beyond!). Eventually they made it to Hope Town and iced some folks. As they were stripping Keiko nude with a knife, Saburo Tenma decided to take action. But Jun came in and busted em up with explosive arrows. Jun picked off a buncha their bikers they got away and confronted Violence Jack.. (In the manga Jack put up a good fight but was taken out. In the anime they shredded him with gunfire for a long time and he just stood there until his hp ran out. I assume his controller got unplugged) They caught Jun trying to save Keiko and tortured her with a knife (in the manga they tired her nude over a fire and whipped her) but Jack comes in and slices em up.



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