Hell (ヘル, Heru, 地獄, Jigoku lit. "Earth Prison", שאול, Sheol meaning pit, abyss, or grave in Hebrew, or ᾍδης, Hades in Greek) is a dimension in close fluctuation to Earth, and a fun place to visit.

Hell is a place where damned souls go, and Demons thrive. Whenever a Demon is killed in the human world he will return to Hell, unless it's spirit is destroyed, or devoured by another Demon.

In Dororon Enma-kun Enma does missions for Enma-Daio‏‎ to bring back Demons who went to the Human world. Enpi does the same but sexier.

In Devil Lady Dante (it might have been Ryo Utsugi) goes into the lowest circle of Hell and meets the bottom half of Zenon (each of the three heads escaped Hell.) and gets eaten. Inside the partial Zenon he transforms into Demon Lord Dante and flies out of his icy prison.

Nine Circles of Hell[edit | edit source]

Based on Dante's Divine Comedy: Inferno's nine layers of hell. Each having it's own punishment. Jun Fudo is sent into hell and encounters these horrifying sights, Devilman, and old enemies (Jinmen and Sirene).

  • First Circle - Limbo
  • Second Circle - Lust
  • Third Circle - Gluttony
  • Fourth Circle - Avarice and Prodigality
  • Fifth Circle - Wrath and Sullenness
  • Sixth Circle - Heresy
  • Seventh Circle - Violence
Jun is falls into a lake of boiling blood with other sufferers and shot at by Centaurs, led by Chiron.
  • Eight Circle - Fraud
  • Nine Circle - Betrayal
Dante said that in the lowest depths of Hell he encountered Satan, King of the Demons, encased in ice. His three heads held the three greatest traitors in their mouths: Brutus, Cassius, and Judas Iscariot.
What Dante saw is not Satan, but the Demon Lord Zenon.

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