God is the creator of the universe and life. He is often depicted as the bad guy because Go Nagai has past life issues.

Demon Lord DanteEdit


I'm surprised Tumblr doesn't love Go Nagai more with his p0rn0, Hermaphrodites, lesbians and anti Christian themes.

In here He is an alien of energy who has no physical forme. So he goes to Earth and orders the people of Sodom to bow to him and let him have their bodies. They don't consent so He pulls a Weinstein and punishes them by killing/reviving them with His psychic powers. The Sodomites hatred for God let them absorb the psychic powers and evolve into what we now call Demons. He then used his energy to make the atmosphere of Gomorrah rain endlessly to flush em out in a flood. The survivors of rthis became modern dat Satanists. Then He split into billions of streams of ectoplasm and infected apes who evolved into modern day humans who forgot their connection to him.


Here He created zaa warudo but the life He made evolved into Demons which He saw as ugly. So He tried to wipe em out 2 million years ago with giant crabs and dinosaurs. But Satan rebelled as he thought demons had the right to life and seaed himself and the demons away in the Himalayas or south pole or w/e. 2 million years later, they awoke and wiped out humans, only for Satan to see he was doing what he called God wrong for doing.

Violence JackEdit

In here He remastered the world after the 20 years of war in Devilman and Satan was reincarnated as Ryo Asuka w/o his memories. Miki Makimura was now a dog and they b0ned. Also Akira Fudo was revived as the various forms of Violence Jack. Oh and Zenon was made into the Slum King and his face was Zuba. In the end, Everyone but Jack died and Ryo revived with his memories, refused Zenon and Jack, Jack and Jack refused into Devilman and stopped him.

CB Chara Go Nagai WorldEdit

God CB Chara Go Nagai World

So Akira Toriyama being the god of the DBZ world was ripped off of this right?

In here He's a child-like head and creates crazy worlds that are often Chibi. Ryo teams up with Dr. Hell and Baron Ashura to confront Him for making him a joke but after he kills Akira, wants to destroy him. Koji Kabuto takes out Ryo at the cost of Mazinger Z which causes amnesia. Oh and the gang lowered Jinmen's head on a fishing rod into His head to see what's in it but Jinmen had his eyes closed. He wound up creating the world of Violence Jack and remastered Akira into Jack. The Mazinger guys went back home (Oh yeah, they had to use one of Dr. Hells ships to go into space to reach Him) Psycho Jenny brought Miki and they asked Jack where Ryo and Akira were. He appears in CB Chara Go Nagai World OVA 3‏‎ but is in the opening and endings of all 3 eps.

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