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Growing UpEdit

Born under the name Kiyoshi and growing up in a somewhat large family (he was 4th out of 5 brothers), Go Nagai has went from college student to internationally famous and genre creating integral piece of anime history.


Born a few weeks after the A-bombing of japan on september 6 1945, he was named Koyoshi Nagai and liked the works of Tezuka Osamu (not osama). his father died while he was young so he and his family moved to Tokyo. He did well in college but not well getting into university. In Japan at the time, university was seen as a prerequisite to having a successful life (kinda like how beign popular is needed to be liked). When he was almost 20, he fell ill and thought he was going to die of colon cancer but recovered since it was only a intestinal problem (Colitis) and he recovered. his outlook on life had been changed by the disease and he wanted to make something to show that he existed (writing manga).

Common ThemesEdit

In his work, Go Nagai often reuses similar ideas. Some would call it uncreative, but when you do as much new stuff as Go, its really hard to call him uncreative. Some would say he likes the reused materials and puts them in because he thinks he is fun.


After reading alot of porno mags in his youth, it would seem that Go likes nude women. The fact that he annouced that he likes nude women in an interview also supports this theory. Most of his works involve some kind of nudity, wheather it is only a minor scene, a popular semi-minor theme of the show or the main theme that everyone knows (and loves) it for, he enjoys putting nude women(and sometimes men) in his works.


Go nagai loves motorcycles. In many anime/manga he does there is often a motorcycle scene of group. Not only does New Cutey Honey have a biker gang in the first OAV, but Honey Kisaragi has a form devoted to her being a motorcycle rider(hurricane honey). Akira Fudo rides one in the TV Devilman and Koji Kabuto dirves one to blow off steam in Mazinger Z. Violence Jack has biker gangs in many of its volumes and in all 3 OAV's.

Futuristic SamuraiEdit

Often(ewell not as often as nude women) Go puts guns/electricity/robots together with samurai. It can be modern samurai like in the Slum King in Violence Jack. Or it could be ninja with lasers as in Black Lion.


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