Gil Ramsey Anime

Looks almost like an American cartoon animated in Japan

He;s a normal looking dude in the future on a space thing. he shows up in Shutendoji OVA 3. he has info on the time machine they have in their ship and is the one who suggests using it to send back Jiro even though theres a lot of rules against it. he's a good guy and surprisingly survives it.

what he doesEdit

In here he encounters Jiro Shutendo in space after Iron Kaiser goes on a mission. Jiro saves him and the crew. They talk with Jiro and find out his dealio. Persis Mohammed finds out hes made of energy or photons or w/e and denies him human rights but Sonia Castello helps him. Later when they are scanning Jiro's memories, Kaiser's Oni memories interlope and show horrible Oni cr-p. Kaiser awakens and attempts to kill Jiro. The captain sends her men after him but Kaiser is armed with a HYPER-BAZOOKA!! and blows them apart. Its revealed he was the kid of Jawanbokikai. His memories are then shown in a hologram room that his dad was fighting Jiro to show his kid his fighting style and Jiro's killing him was bad for some reason. Jiro fights him in the cryogenic room (where he kills defenceless sleeping innocent people) and in the hanger Lloyd Zimmerman gets blasted with cryo gas and Kaiser busts his frozen a55. After Iron Kaiser busts open the ship with a bazooka shot, Leo Pacheko saves Sonia Castello and Jiro but is split in 2. And then... He died... AHHHHHHHHHH!! its pretty f'd to. blodd bursts out his mouth and ears from his fat waist getting crushed. what is this? riki-oh?! They decide to send Jiro into da past as their time machine can send non living matter or something stupid that keeps em out but him in. Iron Kaiser returns to stop Jiro from getting away into the past but is stopped by Sonia and Captain Persis Mohammed (the latter of which he kills). After Jiro escapes into the past and the ship is gonna blow, he has Professor Gil Ramsey send him back after Jiro despite how it can only send inorganic matter and he has human under his shell. They escape in a pod or something and doesn't bite it like most go naGAI characterss.

Hes voiced by Ryusei Nakao who was Sam in the 80s Astro Boy, Sven in Japanese Voltron, Tambourine in Dragon Ball, Kraken Isaac in Saint Seiya, Freeza Frost and Cooler in DBZ GT and Super(The last one s-cked), Jason Bates in Devil Lady, the guy who was gonna blow the ferris wheel in Yugioh Season 0 (Yugi beat freeza?!), Mayuri Kurotsuchi in Bleach(Sounds fitting as he was freeza), Nekomara in Naruto Shippuden (If only it was Nekomanman from Eiken!!) and Vaccine Man in One-Punch Man (Autism!!!!!),

In the Dub he's voiced by Ed Neil who was the suit actor for Lord Zedd in Power Rangers (Bada55!!), Algoth, Beast, Chiyoko's Grandfather, Director, Kazar, Tachibana, U.S. Presidential Aide and Ume iin Devil Lady, Berg Katse in Gatchaman, Jeans Uncle in Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water(I beat the Genesis game. It was great), Souiken Mori in Ninja Resurrection (With a side order of Necromance!!), The President and Robotnik in the Sonic The Hedgehog OAV(b--chin!), Jamapon I Wedding Peach (Sexy Momoko!) and Nagatoji in Black Lion (He got whacked!!). Oh and Nuke and Morimori in Mazinkaiser(Bada55!).

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