Getter Queen Devilman Vs Getter Robo Manga

The token female robot there for gender quotas

Getter Queen is this girly/sexy version of Getter Robo from Devilman vs Getter Robo. It was made by Dr. Saotome and is a 2 piece thing(like a bikini). It also shoots out its b00bs like the robo babes in Mazinger Z

In chapter 4, Getter Robo fights the Demon Mechasaurus's but they are mushy and squish instead of cut from GETTER TOMOHAWK!! So Akira Fudo comes in and blasts em with DEVIL BEAM!! In the Lab Dr. Saotome sez they are losing so he sez he made the Getter Queen, a robot with a cockpit that only a woman or child can use as its too small. Why'd he make it like that?! I mean he designed and built it. Couldn't he have seen the size issue while planning or building it and fix it?? Also it needs 2 pilots so Miki Makimura and Michiru Saotome pilot it. Getter robo is performin poorly against the monsters but is saved by Getter Queen and they team up to beat em. But Sirene has combined with a mechasaurus demon and is heading for the lab. So Devilman and Getter Robo combine into Devil Getter and it looks sick!! They eventually beat Mecha Demon Sirene w/o anything really done by Getter Queen. What is she? a Man in Cutey Honey?!

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