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Evil Town is a shopping mall that sunk into the ground after the kanto quake. Its people devided into 2 groups; Section A (the normal people) and Section B (the biker gangs amnd dregs). When it looked like there wasn't enough food to survive long, the men of Section A started raeping the chix. Then they found they were wrong( about the food) and said they were sorry. But the chix didn't like it so they formed their own group, Section C. Later Section A found Violence Jack and the word got out. At a free market Section A and B met but Section C came in and outed the men for being monsters who only wear human masks when they think they have to (Like the Baltimore Riots Malcontents). Jack joins Section C and then Section A/B fight. Section A is wiped out and Section B b0nes Section C. Jack butchers em and then Mad Saulus after Saulus eats Blue. Section C goes outside and finds the world is a wasteland and their super model skills are not useful in it. They find a jungle and live there until Kibara f's em up.

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