Etsuko Takayanagi pix

Nowadays they'd make these guys look evil for the crime of liking hot chix

So this chick is like a really popular sexy high school girl. and everyone is gay for her!! She does tennis and gets good grades and guys take pix of her and sell them to lustier guys.


Hanappe and takayanagi

The uncut version was deleted as some c-cksucker cant handle butt cheeks

So she's 1st seen in the anime when Hanappe Yamada and his homies(who are never seen again) guying photos of her taken w/o her consent and showing her undies during a tennis game and getting changed. After Hanappe buys one for 20$ he's outta cash and while stalking her he is attacked by bullys. they beat on him and cut off his pants and he whizzed himself, and the chick he liked is watching!!. later Hanappe's j-rkin off to the p0rn0 of a girl doing things alone and imagining it being her. but 2 demons show up. its revealed that every 1000 years on Friday the 13th if you wiggle ur wiener in a special way, it summons those demons. yeah that makes sense. so he wishes to be strong. later Hanappe is bummed (and not by as cross dresser this time) and the chick he likes comforts him. the demons want him to use his powers on her to b0ne but he has high views on her and thinks shes a good the demons show him she's been b0ning the teacher for good grades(wait, how did they know she was doing that??). Hanappe calls her to this dark alley at night to confront her but she denies it. in the event he easily tears off her clothes like they are paper(musta been made in CHAI NUH!!) she runs but he zaps her and she goes super lusty and trys to b0ne him (even easily tearing off her undies like cheap paper). then trys to kill him. so the demons Mephist Dance and Ophisto Bazooka slag her. they say they'll bring her back to life or something. that's the last we see of her.

She's voiced by Yumi Takada who was Ayeka in Tenchi Muyo!, Hiroe Ogawa in F³: Frantic, Frustrated & Female, Saeko in Twin Angels, Ash and Kayo in Demon Beast Invasion, Megumi, Nurse, Alector and Yumi in Urotsukidoji, Midori in Adventure Kid, Jennifer Portman in This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, Midori-sensei in Ranma 1/2(gay!!), Noriko Okamachi/Sailor Ojo in ep 178 of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Was she the one who called Idol Yaten a H0M0??), Shikijou Saori in Mahoromantic, Yumi Okamoto in Immoral Sisters, Mizue Ayukawa in Cutey Honey FX‏‎, Bosatsu, Kamini, Kamiri and Taijuten in La Blue Girl, Shana-hime/Saeko in La Blue Girl EX(like Pokémon EX cards?), Mrs Yoshinaga in Crayon Shin-chan, Kaoru Hino in God Mazinger, Yoga in Karakuri Ninja Girl, Miko in New Angel, Mikogami in Nightmare Campus, Hatsuho Kazami in Please Teacher!, Yuki Yamao in Professor Pain, Lola in Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, Akiko in Vampire Princess Miyu and Necros/Narumi in Venus 5. Yes. Most of those are P0RN0ZE!!


Is she in this? I only have the Japanese RAW's so I cant tell

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