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Duke Fleed Aka Fleed, is the hero of UFO Robo Grendizer. annd fakes being an earth human under the name Daisuke Umon

What he does[]


Duke Fleed Anime

And all the girls say he's pretty fly for a White guy!

The Vega homeworld has become unstable due to the exploiting of Vegatron, a powerful radioactive ore. Seeking to expand his militaristic empire and find a substitute planet to settle upon, the ruthless Emperor Vega unleashes his armies—composed of flying saucers and giant robotic monsters—and turns first against neighbors such as Fleed, a highly advanced but peaceful world. In a tragically ironic twist, the invaders' blitzkrieg turns against them: the once verdant, idyllic Fleed is turned into a radioactive wasteland(Sounds like a bad 50s movie plot). Too late, the only known survivor of the royal family, the Crown Prince Duke Fleed, manages to steal the Grendizer, the robotic embodiment of the Fleedian God of War, from the Vegan invaders who plan to use it to spearhead their invasion fleet. Grendizer is a giant monster robot that interfaces with Spacer (Spaizer), a flying saucer that enables the robot to fly.

Fleeing Vegan space by flying at faster than light speed(like the Flash), the Duke enters our solar system and switches course to Earth, making a rough landing in Japan, on the slopes of Mount Fuji. He is befriended by Doctor Umon, a noted scientist who oversees a research laboratory called the Space Science Lab near a small ranch. The kindly Umon takes in the young humanoid alien as his son, under the assumed name of Daisuke, and assists him in hiding Grendizer. Taking the name Daisuke Umon, Duke Fleed works at the ranch run by Danbei Makiba.

Roughly two years later, Koji Kabuto returns to Japan after studying abroad in a flying saucer he personally designed and built, called the TFO. He heads to the Space Science Lab after hearing of multiple sightings of "flying saucers". He plans to contact the aliens if possible and make peace with them. Daisuke, however, scoffs at the notion and fears that these aliens, the Vegans, led by generals Blaki and Gandal, are preparing to attack Earth. Koji ignores his warnings and flies out to meet the incoming saucers, only to discover the horrible truth. In order to save Koji and protect his adoptive homeworld from destruction, Daisuke is forced to return to his true identity as Duke Fleed. He unearths Grendizer from its hiding place under the lab and sets off to fight his enemies.

The Vegans (wait, Vegans?! like those dinks who think eating a burger is murder?!) establish a base on the far side of the Moon and start to attack Earth from there. Koji discovers Duke Fleed's true identity and their bitter rivalry soon turns to friendship. The daughter of Danbei Makiba, Hikaru, also discovers Daisuke's secret and becomes a pilot in order to assist him despite his objections. Later on, it is revealed that there were two more survivors from planet Fleed: Duke's younger sister Maria Grace Fleed and a man who had rescued her and fled to Earth, raising her under the guise of her grandfather. Caught in a crossfire between Grendizer and a Vegan beast, he reveals to Maria that she is the last survivor of the royal family of Fleed (under the belief that Duke was killed) before dying from his wounds. Maria swears revenge on Grendizer and its pilot. She tries to ambush Duke, Koji and Hikaru at the Space Science Lab, but the fight is short lived. Maria's attacks bring Duke's necklace (which is the same as the one she wore) into view and the truth is revealed. The lost siblings are reunited at last and Maria becomes the last addition to the team. So are they gonna fall in love? I mean if they're the last survivors of their race they kinda gotta.

As the conflict nears its end, it is shown that Duke Fleed was engaged to King Vega's daughter, Princess Rubina, prior to the attack on Fleed. When Rubina discovers that planet Fleed is no longer polluted with Vegatron radiation and that her fiancé is alive and well, she rushes to Earth to bring him the good news. Unfortunately, one of King Vega's generals uses this opportunity to ambush Duke Fleed, and Rubina is killed when she takes a shot aimed at Duke. This makes Duke even more determined to wipe out the Vegan menace once and for all (Just like with Akira Fudo After Miki Makimura got iced. Or Mad Saulus after Blue got chopped up).

King Vega decides to gather his remaining forces and make an all-out attack on Earth, destroying the Moon Base to coax his troops into fighting to the end and finally succeed in invading Earth and taking it as their new home planet. Duke and company go out to intercept them in Grendizer and the newly designed space combat Spazers. After a fierce battle, they finally manage to destroy the Vegan mother ship along with King Vega himself (see you in Hell a55 hole!!). Soon afterwards, Duke and Maria bid a tearful farewell to Earth and their friends and return to help reconstruct planet Fleed. Wait, Aint they the only survivors?? Are they on an empty planet?! That's kinda f'd up. Also; I assume theyre gonna inbreed to repopulate.

In here he's voiced by Kei Tomiyama who did Junichi in Mazinger Z ep 12, Percy Bacharach in Riding Bean, Sabu i Speed Racer, Da'te Naoto in Tiger Mask and Ruta Jenma in Y's.


Ufo robo grendizer manga cover

Star Comics for a Space thing?

So it startz with Grendizer slagging some robots and going to Earth and Koji sees it land and goes there and meets Duke Fleed. Later he goes to the Space Observations Laboratory and meets Genzo Umon who he brought Duke and Dukes wounds have healed fast. Umon fakes Fleed being his son by saying he's Daisuke Umon so no one knows hes a gaijin. Later, Duke is riding with Hikaru Makiba and her dad Danbei Makiba watches as they are on a farm or ranch or w/e. Also is Goro Makiba, Hikaru's kid bro like Shiro Kabuto or Junpei Hayami and Duke is mastering horse a55 riding fast. Later at night he tells Koji and Umon about the Vega Empire Fleet comming to F Da Earth! They F'd Dukes planet and slagged his homies and fam and Duke escaped with his peoples ultimate creation; UFO Robo Grendizer! Then, Captaun Braki (Blacky??) comes over and sends saucer beast (Dick Saucer!!) GilGil who f'd up Tokyo cuz thats like a magnet for being f'd by monsters and Duke goes out in Grendizer and slags it. Braki reports to Gandar who sez they gotta ice Duke Fleed. Later Koji stops by the Makiba's to get Duke who's having Viet Nam Flashbacks of his planet bring f'd and Duke goes to fight UruUru in Grendizer and takes him out. Duke and Koji enjoy the sunset and Duke saying he's an Earthman now and will defend his planet. Later, The Vegans get Dukes homie Brunhild to take out Duke after figgering out the area Grendizer might be hiding. He chex the Makiba ranch by phazing through walls like Enpi or Sirene and finds Duke outside but warns him not to come close as he's not in control of his body (But can use his mouth?). The Vegans send DolDol to the area as the homie's brainwaves are going up and wanna capture Duke Alive. Duke beats out his homie but a Saucer Beast comes in and slags the homie. Dukes gonna get iced but the monster is stopped for a sec so they can find Grendizer and stop humans from using it even w/o Freed. They figger the place he's heading for is where Grendizer is and send saucers but Duke realizes they are tracking hi and keeps running so they don't bust it. Koji flys Grendizer and saves Duke and Duke gets in and slags the Saucer. Later, Greppel comes by the bad guys moon base (What is this? Power Rangers?!) and he has a brainwave control device that controls humans but can\t work on Duke. But he wants to use it to have Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger against Grendizer (Good thing they didn't make Mazinkaiser yet!). Later, Danbei interrupts Hikaru and Duke thinking they might b0ne and spanks her bare a55 for it. So Koji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi get mind controlled and they break into the Photon Power Lab and jack Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger with Cameos from Boss, Sayaka Yumi and Gennosuke Yumi. So Dr Umon is gonna slag the pilots but Duke tells him its Koji and Tetsuya who are mind controlled like what happened when his planet got f'd. Despite Grendizer being Fleeds ultimate creation, everyone thinks it can't beat 2 Mazingers (So I guess Mazinkaiser IS stronger). So Grendizer takes a beat down but starts fighting back and takes off Great Mazingers arm and Prof Yumi sez Sayaka will tell Duke the weak points in Mazingers. Goro goes to Boss and gets Boss Borot to go to da woods and f'd the ufo base the bad guy was using. Koi and Tetsuya are free but their Mazingers are busted and the bad guys send Zardan who takes care of Boss Borot but Grendizer saves him. He grabs Grendizer but Great Mazinger and Mazinger Z come by and slag him. Later, Great Mazinger is jacked from the Robot Museum (Like in Mega Man and Bass?). Koji and Duke go out and face Sauser Beast ZagiZagi and GoriGori and Grendizer goes inti this hole in the sky's a55 and fins Barados, the guy who f'd up his planet, Duke gets p-ssed and gets caught and blows the Saucers and Koji gets caught. Barados at the moon base sez he's gonna replace Gandar and dump him on some butt hole planet when he's done. So Duke sees Koji gets melted by a beam but its just a dream and the gang asks why he didn't save koji and he sez he was too focused on Barados who iced his fam in from of him. The fight between FLeed and Vega was equal until Barados came in and wacked the women and kids so thee planet would die out (Just like china did to itself!) and caught the Kings kids and ransomed em for weapons. The king payed but Barados released the kids from the sky and they splattered! Later Great Mazinger and Saucer Beast BigaBiga attack Tokyo and are catching kids like Pokemon in the Safari Zone! Grendizer goes out and takes out the saucer beasts JinJin, GaruGatu and BekiBeki but its revealed they were just there to bust him up and the Vegans attacked the lab and caught Dukes homies. Tomnorrow Barados will face Grendizer or all his homies are brown bread. At the next day, he Great Mazinger shows up and has Dukes droogs tied to Great Mazinger on the outside as a human shield. A Rocket Punch with kids on the knuckles splatters em on Grendizers face (Modern manga would NEVER do that! Lets see One Punch Man show kids being mashed into mush? Hokuto no Ken had kids getting it though!) and Saucer Beast GubiGubi grabs Grendizer from behind. Goro uses a gun to blow off Koji's rope and he gets it, swings up, and blasts the driver of G M(Good guy with a gun!!). Koju sez Great Mazingers weak point is da head like in Castlevania and Duke chops the head of Great M. After finishing off the saucer beast, he splatters Barados with his huge blades (Can't have the good guys intentionally slag bad guys anymore! Might make the kids turn gay or something!). Wtf, the next chapter just changed the art style and has a new bad guy called Zuril. Is this the same series? Or another thing added on after? Either way, its all I have translated with the same art style. The end?

Grendizer Giga[]

Daisuke Uryu Grendizer Giga 1

Hitler sided with Japan because he loved their Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Chapter 01[]

It starts with Duke Fleed flying through space and 5 Vega Ogres are chasing him. This chick does something and Grendizer flys outta its ship and slags em. He sez his planet Fleed is gone and they are the last survivors(Didn't the Masked Rider from Saban do this?), They decide to protect Da Urth b4 da Vega f--k it up and he and Maria Grace Fleed (the chick) come down and at a farm with Daisuke Uryu waking up crying from a sad nightmare. Hikaru Makiba tells him to help dad with the horses and later he goes to school and all the chicks wanna b0ne him. These high school punks are jealous and wanna beat his a55 but Hikaru hits em with a soccer ball and tells em to leave him alone. The punks names are Gori and Kobashiri and Uryu sez he's not gonna b0ne em so they think he's queer. He thinks about how he want's to but cant and starts thinking of his Old School and Hikaru kicks a ball by him. He wants to go home but she sez her dad will use him for work (Peter Griffin: You mean a Slave!!). Uryu don't mind and at the ranch her dad sneezes and his worker Jiro Nao is there. So Hikaru wants him to try boys soccer as their team members s-ck but he'd rather do Kendo and then Maria come by looking like Gamia Q and hug. Hikaru is p-ssed at this curvy blonde on the boy she wants to b0ne but he sez shes his sister he last saw 10 years ago. She sez Daisuke and her have different moms and she lived in America and Hikaru wonders as she thought Daisuke was alone after his rents bit it in an accident. Maria Robotnik drives him in her car and sez she lives not far away and they see UFO's releasing space monsters and f-kkin up the city and slagging people. Its the Zarcor (Not Xicor from DBAF) who are da scouts for Vega and this big Jushin Liger monster comes out and starts eating people. The Xicor see the car and it has a Valmorification like Team America and she drives him to a huge a55 UFO that she tells him to use as Prince Fleed! The Invincible Grendizer Giga!!

Chapter 02[]

She reveals she's really Maria Flora, a Super FemAle Android to protect him and gave him fake memories as Daisuke Uryu. Like Medusa she gives him his memories back by wrapping her hair around his head and he sees memories of his high tech city being f'd by space invaders (Totally not like Any past manga by Go Nagai) He takes into position to come himself to drive the Grendizer Giga as the city on the Earth is being enf-kked by aliens. Officer Razuh is pleased how the human's can't do jack sh-t and Grendizer Giga f--ks the monster dead in 1 punch. Agent Zondo sees he's no match for this and runs away like a frenchie and Giga slags em with God Thunder. Then Zangar Ogre jumps on his back like its a prison shower and zaps him to K O the pilot and Giga falls.

Chapter 03[]

Maria pilots the Giga remotely and flys away as she trys to revive Duke. She summons Maria 2 who starts the Florian Beet: a bada55 female robot to aid giga. She fires missiles at Zangar and he shields but gets busted and Beet fights him. Duke finally wakes up and sez Beet ain't enough to stop it and slags him with Double Giga Harken. Beet slags the main UFO and its flaming bodies fall as the Human forces slag the space monsters. Later Maria drives him to the ranch and seals his memories again fort some reason. At da ranch Hikaru worries Maria is gonna be her rival and elsewhere soldiers talk about if all the space monsters are dead. some come up and ice em and turn into copies of them kinda like BD Andrews in the Robotech movie, and are gonna tell the army about Giga.

Chapter 04[]

In space, commander of the Vega space army Brador hears there's no word from the forces sent to Urth and tells his goons to go with a extra 5 Ogres and 10 Trolls (no Leprechauns?). Later, Daisuke is running to school and Hikaru comes by in her horse Kasumi and gives him a ride. At school Gori and Kobashiri wanna slag Daisuke for a chick liking him and they send the horse back home on its own. In class the teens talk about space attacks and Daisuke thinks he's seen the footage b4. the kids don't got class today as the teachers are talking and Daisuke hears the space monsters are being taken to lab Daimon. Noticing his interest is Yuji Daimon, the son of the director of the space thing. Then the Principal calls a meeting and these 2 alien guys come by to slag Duke Fleed. Principal sez stuff about a nearby town getting f-kked by aliens and the fake humans (jinzo ningen) come in and open fire on the people. Didn't bug aliens faking being human happen in Men In Black 1 with Will Smith?

Chapter 05[]

So the fake guys shoot up the school like its a Blue State and Hikaru comes at em but Yuji beats on em with wood swords. Hikaru saves Yuji with using the bad guys guns (Good guy with a gun!!) and the other one escapes. Hikaru blacks out and later at home, her dad is proud of her kicking alien a55 and as the monster wasn't human, its not homocide and everyone sees her as a hero (Like Sean slagging Rick in Degrassi Next Gen when he gave Drake a 3rd a55). Daisuke is with Yuji and the remaining space bug is gonna slag Miki I mean Hikaru with a human gun to avenge his homie. Also he called reinforcements from space. So space bug busts in and is gonna slag Hikaru as her dad is kinda comic. She throws boiling soup on him but as this isn't Signs, he's not dead, and they run. Outside, a UFO poops out a tentacle monster called a Troll and its called Gurubaru and the bugman tells it to slag Hikaru. But she starts glowing and her clothes burn off leaving her full on nude!! and wtf shew actually becomes Cutey Honey! Her device in her bod turn elements in air into stuff to make her stronger and hotter.

Chapter 06[]

So Hikaru is now Cutey Honey and slags the Troll with her blade. Wait, its head cooms oof and its pilot inside it trys to escape (Just like that Will Smith Movie!) So her dad fires a missile at it and it blows. He's a Cyborg too like in New Cutey Honey. The alien runs but Jiro Nao slags him with finger shots. Later at the Space Research Laboratory Daimon, they determine the guys who shot up the school were aliens. Yuji brings Daisuke by and in the next panel he leaves thinking about how he saw the space thing b4. Later he returns home and the Makiba Clan is eating and holy cr-p its the Abashiri Family!! They say the fire in the yard is them burning garbage (BuT WhAt AbOuT CaRbOn DiOxIdE?!). Later, at the Lab, a space bug slags and copies this chick, so we see her nude. Later the ships hear 1 Troll didn't return so they send 2 Ogres and 3 Trolls. So Sausuke I mean Daisuke is gonna return Yuji's Bike and they don't got school and Hikaru is gonna meet him at da Lab later. Then in a city near Sapporro called Future Town (Like Future City??) a big a55 UFO poops out and Grendizer comes outta the water like Mazinger Z and is driven by Maria

Chapter 07[]

So Daisuke is driving his non motor bicycle through Hokkaido and in da City, Space Dinosaurs come outta the UFO's and in Hokkaido, Grendizer comes buy, Maria comes out, gives him back his memories and he Head On's into Grendizer to fight the space monsters. In the Lab, Yuji left in the Antigravity Flying Boat (AFB) top collect Data on the invaders and calls the AFV "Medor". Its powered by the sun and can go onto Space like its Superman or something, It flys by Grendizer and he sees the Pilots face and recognizes it as Daisuke. The Trolls Boto, Giri and Domu are in da city and Hikaru goes out on a horse to the Lab and on the way she sees Daisuke's Bike. She then pocks up a signal saying Aliens are invading and turns into Cutey Honey (Wait, I just realized as she likes Daisuke, this makes Cutey Honey Hetero for once!) and turns into Hurricane Honey and makes a D Wheel Motorcycle outta thin air like in the FMA Manga. So Ogre Gudol is f-kkin up da city and the gov sends fighters in against the pointy t-ts spike nips Ogre Jokara and they get slagged. But then Grendizer comes and JokaRA'S PILOT SEZ ITS THE aNGEL GUARDING tHE eARTH (f--k, caps lock) and sees Duke Fleed is alive. He calls the the Plague of Space (Space AIDS??) and gets ready to f--k em up!

Chapter 08[]

So Yuki's dad asks if he's ok after nearly crashing into the Grendizer and Yuji sez the Pilot looked human, but don't say he knows its Daisuke as he don't know enough to make it true(Better than the news blasting anyone accused of anything right away(Unless its someone they like!)). So the army is getting f'd by the monsters and Hurricane Honey busts em on her Motorcycle using its weapons like its Genesis Climber Mospeada Robotech. Grendizer comes in and Daisuke recognizes the monster Jokara as one thats a ruthless killer in the Universe and they fight, leading to JokaRA GETTING DAMAGED AND TRYIONG TO ESCAPE (F U caps lock) and warns the others of Grendizer. Glidol comes and uses a thunder shot (BuT tHuNdEr iS sOuNd aNd LiGhTnInG iS eLeCtRiCiTy!) and Koji I mean Daisuke remembers Glidol wacking his people on his home planet. Honey sends her bike on a Kamikaze attack (Hirohito ack bar!) and Henshins nude into Cutey Honey. Daisuke readys his final attack: Double Giga Hakken

Chapter 09[]

Honey is tapped I mean Zapped and her top rips open from electricity somehow so we see her big t-ts and Yuji slams his AFB into the monster to help her. Daisuke chops up Glidol and ready's to finish him, as I guess he's not dead yet. Honey uses Honey Flash to become a knight on horse and heal her as long as her skeleton isn't destroyed. Then Grendizer comes in and crushes the guy fighting Hokey in its hand as Honey goes all Griffith from Berserk on the smaller guys (Not THAT way!) and rides off to look after Daisuke. At the enemy place: Kahra whines about Jokara being f'd up and wanting a rematch but is called in by General Gengi who asks about Grendizer Giga. She sez its Prince Freed and she wants to launch the last 3 Ogres like it would do anything against f--kin Grendizer. Gengi whines about his army of Lizards and Trolls being f'd and wants to bring Freeds head to Lord Brador! On Urth: Daisuke lands and meets Maria but they realize Yuji knows his identity as Uryu comers by. Meanwhile: Hikaru brings Daisuke's bike ands Danbei sez Dausuke is in the lab with Yuji to make a new Machine. She goes to the lab with the bike and is wearing mini shorts so its totally not Misty from Pokemon. At the lab Daisuke and Maria are introduced to the science nerds and hee tells of his Home Planet Fleed which was 2 300 000 Light Years from Earth b4 in the Andromeda Galaxy it got slagged. Some chick with dark hair sez she found him seeing this and goes off to warn the bad guys to avenge her lizards. Word gets to the bad guys about Prince Fleed and they send a Troll in the area to the Daimon Lab. In da lab: Freed tells da urth to stop its wars against itself and work together against the aliens like Robotech or its rip off: Independence day. Meanwhile: as Hikaru nears da lab: She sees a UFO and transforms Honey and shows off her tight bod.

Chapter 10[]

At the lab: The Troll Gigumo(Like Spider: Gumo) attacks and Yuji offers to fight it while Fleed gets to Grendizer. Honey Knight comes in on her metal horse and nails it with a spear but gets j-zzed to the wall with web goo(Honey getting j-zzed on? Too Hot!!). The spear in Gigumo f--ks it up and it opens and a lizard dude comes out and wants revenge on Honey for it. B4 she's mouth f--ked like that guy in Deliverance: Yuji beats the lizardo off with as baseball bat (Mot like that!!). Honey can move her arm and does Honey flash to burn out of the goo and save Yuji from the dark haired chick by jumping over him nude(he saw EVERYthing) and turning into Sopranos Honey Killer Honey and capping her. Then a huge a55 fleet of doom arrives and is gonna f--k up the lab and da Urth. But Yuji introduces them to a New Super Android Cutey Honey, who was Made in Japan like Janice Em in Robotech. Dr Daimon recognizes the name Kisaragi from Dr Kisaragi, who was super bada55 at robotics but disappeared one day and was rumored to have made a Super Android. Honey don't got time for explaining and is gonna give the AFB weapons. Gengi tells the approaching Grendizer that he can nuke the city if he trys anything but Freed sez he's still gonna kick his candy a55 and taking hostages proves hes afraid of him. Kahra wants to take him on herself and Gengi lets her try. In the base: Honey uses her Science Magic to give the AFB an Electromagnetic Cannon and does Honey Flash to become Combat Plane Honey which totally isn't a Cyclone from Robotech and they go off,

Chapter 11[]

So Jokara attacks with her fleet and Grendizer leads em away from the city to the sea where they fight. He busts em with Thunder Buffalo attacks him and knocks him around. Maria II comes in and helps and busts one and tells Freed not to keep taking heavy hits. Maria slags some Trolls and Belba and Buffalo fight him into the Vegan mothership in space. they wanna get Grendizer and use it to conquer the universe but Florian Beet comes in and f--ks Belba and the containment system up. Grendizer f--ks Buffalo and tears up the Mothership from inside as Yuji and Honey comes up to space. then the Mothership blows and Grendizer and Florian comes out safe. On Earth Freed and Yuji shake hands and thank each other with Honey and Maria stand around looking hot like Alexis from Yugioh GX. The End.