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She is so awesome she rides a Dewback she stole from Star Wars.

Dragon Claw was one of the most powerfull members of Panther Claw, she was involved with the bombing of the school and tried to hunt down Honey Kisaragi. She is responsible for the death of Honey's best freind and lover Natsuko  Aki when she mistook her for Honey. Sister Jill who also mistook her for Honey was furious with Dragon claw and the two had a breif fight before Jill used some sort of mind controll to make Dragon Claw's steed use its fire breath on her setting itself and Dragon Claw alight.

Cutie Honey UniverseEdit

Dragon Panther Universe

Totally not PhaIIic

One of Sister Jill's strongest fighters, she has the ability to form her legs and lower body into a dragon(how fetish!), complete with fire-breathing (more fetish! remeember dat SVU ep with that purvo who's aroused by fire??) and flight abilities. Unlike most of her peers, she is more interested in a warrior's prowess rather than trying to win Jill's heart(so she's not queer?_, and she is quite fond of Tarantula Panther(Oh, she is!). For these reasons, she sides with Honey against her former mistress during the final episodes arc, a choice for which she is killed by Sister Jill. This characterization is a complete reversal from her original manga version, where it was Dragon Panther who killed Natsuko Aki and was subsequently slain by Jill for insubordination; a role which is filled by Snake Panther in the Universe series(They changed it! Ruined forever! Non canon!! Spazzes out).

She's voiced by Chiaki Takahashi who was Ada Clover in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Litchi Faye Ling in BlazBlue, Xelha in Baten Kaitos, Haineko in Bleach(hot), Reika Aoshima in Cosplay Complex, Omiko Hakodate in Kill La Kill (Which I never saw but hear its got babes like a Go Nagai anime), Enki in Momokyun Sword (Hot), Eudial in Sailor Moon Crystal (Gay!!!!), Nanami Kanroji in School Days and Do-Re-Mi-Fa-O-Ta-Ma, Edo Period Omocchama (ep 27), Female Student Mecha, Fortune Telling Mama-San, Laughing Crow, Laughing Duckling, Movie-Version Omocchama (ep 25.5), Neeton; Ohayashi Alien, Omocchama and Orokabu in Yatterman.

In the dub she's done by Morgan Berry who was Althena in Fire Emblem Heroes, Desperada / Vivica in Miraculous Ladybug (Which is actuslly good), Idomu in Beyblade Burst Turbo(More like BUTT burst!!), Tako in Cutie Honey Universe, Rindo Kobayashi in Food Wars! The Third Plate, Boy (ep 3), Female Student (ep 1), Keicho Nijimura (young; ep 5) and Koichi's Mother (eps 6, 20) in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable, Yuko Ooshima in Keijo!!!!!!!!(Butt fight!!), Thirteen in My Hero Academia (More like Boku no Pico!!), Sharley in One Piece, Nphirea Balear in Overlord, Tanya and Renly Synthesis 27 in Sword Art Online(.//Hack was better!) and Ayumu Hogi in Tokyo Ghoul,

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