Destroyer Panther

Its slightly like Iron Kaiser but more zany and wacky.

A Panther Claw minion from Re: Cutey Honey who is basically a black ball with guns and humanoid parts. Her powers involve machine guns, cannons that fire cannonball sized bullets, a saw that isn't really used, missile launching, wheels on the feet, and bullet resistance. She believes that the one with the most bullets wins and often uses an obscene amount of firepower(that doesn't seem to kill anyone but blows up the background) to do battle. At the start of Re: Cutie Honey OVA 1, she goes on a rampage with the Panther Claw minions and is stopped by Honey Kisaragi and captured arrested by Natsuko and put in the police station. Later, Gold Claw revives her (and Scoop Panther/Doctor Panther) with a lightning thing and they bust up the ploice station. Natsuko trys to stop her but is bwned and Honey saves her(Na-chan) and loads Destroyer Panther up with bombs(since she needed to be reloaded since she was out of ammo) and pulls a"Daffy Duck" on her. After Honey defeats Scoop Panther/Doctor Panther, the 3 panthers merge (Panther Flash!) into Triple Panther and is 1 hit killed by Honey Kisaragi(with a power rangers style explosion)!

She was voiced by Kimiko Saito Aurelia Dichala Dolce in Soul Calibur III, Gauss in Tales of Graces, Avior, Kazarina and Duran Dane in Bakugan (F--k no!!), Rem in Death Note(The only Rem I know is Robotech II The Sentinels), Berryblue in Dragon Ball Super Broly (Not bad), Kato's Aunt in Gantz(Was she hot?), Cutie Beauty, Doctor (ep 107) and Milluki Zoldyck in Hunter x Hunter, Cucubita Hougue in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Is it good? probably.), Acilia, Boa Marigold, Catarina Devon, Charlotte Mondée, Elmy, Gyoro, Lemoncheese, Muse's Mother, Uhoricia and Uzu's Mother in One Piece (Step in 2 da grand line!), Gargan in Overlord 2 (I hear itsa bada55), Chieko in Princess Jellyfish, Idasa's Mother in dbz kai(ewwwwwwwwww),Scissor Claw in Cutie Honey Universe, Sky Panther in Re: Cutie Honey OVA 2, Chieko in Princess Jellyfish and Martha in Yugioh 5D's.


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