I ain't afraid of no Demon.

Demon Busters, (or sometimes acronymed "DB") is a special team created by the Demon Special Investigation Corps (悪魔特捜隊, Akuma Tokusoutai, lit. Demon Special Hunting Squad) are much like the Ghost Busters idea (this came first) Demon Busters go around hunting and killing Demons. Scientists create specialized anti-Demon weapons for them as Demons are hard to kill, and suits that block invading Demons from taking over their bodies. They are seen first in the Devilman Manga and most of the Devilman universe.

Amon: The Darkside of The Devilman[edit | edit source]

Set up by the government as a means to exterminate the Demon population, they go around hunting Demons and Devilmen alike. Using vans, sniper rifles, and flamethrowers they keep the city safe from terror.

Live-Action Devilman Movie[edit | edit source]

Seen more as bad guys in the film they go around hurting innocent civilians and massacring Demons. Suspicion of Demons living in the Makimura household are called in by the local pervert and the DB are called in. Demon Busters question the family and threaten Miki's life. Akira does the right thing to save his family and outs himself as Devilman, sacrificing himself to a hail of bullets. Miko kills a few around the end of the movie.

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