Daruni Devilman Ep 01

Its like a daemon Grimace from McDonalds.

Daruni is a Demon from Devilman who shows up in 1 episode and bites it a few mins in

In Episode 1 Zanin sends Devilman, Rerasu and Daruni to slag the humans in the area, fight to the death, take their bodies and go f up da urth in the human body they killed. After Reijiro Fudo‏‎ and Akira Fudo are killed, Devilman kills Rerasu and Daruni easily. Zanin gives him the info on Akiras life (how did he know it??) and sends him to spread chaos. In the fight Daruni throws an ie chunk like those battle toads guys but Devilman busts it with DEVIL CHOP!! AND a piece nails Daruni in da torso. After Devilman slags Rerasu, Daruni grabs his legs and pulls him down. Devilman uses DEVIL WING and knocks him up to the ceiling where hes gang shanked by icicles. His colored blood drips from the roof and Devilman wins Akira's body.

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