Chojuro Abashiri (not Choji Akamichi or w/e that fat f--k was named in Naruto) was the 1st Abashiri and was known as the sword killer. He had killed and murdered over a million people and the Abashiri family maybe cursed by their ghosts. This alleged curse made it so that in 18 generations, only males were born in the Abashiri Family (which in india and china is considered a blessing(cuz they wanna continue their family name and out of a billion people, there is only one name per family) but Kikunosuke Abashiri is the 1st female since then. Despite this, they had her live as a guy and kill people to survive... until her 16th b day were they out her. Chojuro lived 18 generations ago so I'm pretty sure hes long dead by the time the anime happens. Is he in the manga? h-ll if I know. you look it up.

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