Basic InfoEdit

A Japanese male human with dark hair and eyes from Abashiri Family who teaches at Paradice High. He is the weakest of the teachers according to the students and is rather ugly. He likes young women and has no problems beating up or going Yugioh 5DS Law and Order SVU on them. He is also known as Bull-killer for some reason.

Actions in storyEdit

Chidoro alive

His teeth are fangs in some scenes.

Chidoro chopped

What is it with Go Nagai and characters getting beheaded so much?

Chidoro Yukiko and Kikunosuke manga

Chidodo looks kinda demony in here eh?

He is first seek drinking with the other teachers in the teachers lounge and saying "They have to help her get used to the atmosphere of Paradice High" is a sinister fashion. The next day, there is a special meeting and he is making sure all the students are there. When he hears that Reiko Shiratori isn't there, he says that Yukiko Shirane will have to choose between being beat up or...have H rated things done to her. Suddenly, Kikunosuke Abashiri comes in and stands up to him, which causes him to attack her and try to kill her. Kikunosuke Abashiri evades all his attacks and nails him into a window(with bars on the outside and glass on the inside) so he rips off an iron bar and trys to nail her with it! Kikunosuke Abashiri easily evades and jumps on his face twice with some dialouge between the kicks and everyone is amazed that he got bwned. Later, he is crawing through the halls swearing and saying he's gonna kill her and the Vice President of the high comes by and says he was watching the fight...its time for a faculty meeting(which Chidoro begs him not to tell anyone). Because he lost a fight to a student, he is shamed and is hunted on a death hunt by Hitokui (another teacher who was at full health) and killed with a tomahawk while trying to escape. His head/hand are removed(offscreen) and what happens with the remains is unknown(not that anyone cares).
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