So this guy is a robot build by Dr. Hell and appeared in Mazinger Z Episode 83.


Flight, head ax, high jumping, eating and redirecting energy attacks, scissor arms, heat resistance, waist rockets

What he doesEdit

Chickeron N9 episode 83 water ski butt rocket

This is why you don't do drugs kids.

While Viscount Pygman caused cr-p to happen with Boss Borot and Diana A and f'd with Koji Kabuto, Dr. Hell sent this homie after em on butt rocket water jetting. koji eventually finds the lava pit and saves Sayaka Yumi and Boss by using his rocket punch. then Chickeron N9 f's up a city and v p uses his laser eyes to f with Mazinger. Chickeron N9 gets to the Photon Power Lab and attacks the forcefield. after it breaks through this chick I don't recognize but people call hitomi drives away on a motorcycle and finds Diana a and boss borot beating eachother. she uses a laser gun to snap em outta it (good guy with a gun!!!). she then drives to koji, runs over v p, swings up the branches of the tree koji's pilder is in, zaps it with the raygun and koji flies off. she takes on pygnman who uses his blue shield to stop her ray blast and spins it to make wind (?!!?) to knock her off the tree. why'd koji leave her to fight this magical creature?! she's knocked down and it looks like he might b0ne her. koji goes and saves boss borot and Diana a from the robutt he sets it on fire with brest fire and it butt rockets around. pygman show up after probably b0ning hitomi and rides the flaming butt robot. he f's up the area with koji just standing around doing d-ck on a stick until Sayaka tells koji to do something. he doesn't so Sayaka has Diana a attack butt robot and she catches fire. Mazinger zaps em with an ice beam and freezes them (but vp was off it). boss borot attacks the butt robot but it fires drills outta its body like in mega man xtreme 2. so Mazinger rust tornado's it dead.

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