Bugo was a Demon from Mazinger Z Vs. Devilman.
Bugo Mazinger Z vs Devilman

thousand eyes restrict!!


he is amorphous and can squish his body around like its play doh. it can reform after being broke apart by missiles and punches and beams and cr-p. it also can stretch and extend and cover foes faces as well as form tentacles to grab Japanese school girls guys its fighting. he can also spray greenish/gray fluid out his head tentacle. he can fly and swim and can bite with the head tentacle.

what he doesEdit

the Photon Research Laboratory, is already working on da Jet Scrander, a giant winged jetpack (cuz a metal titan like Mazinger Z can fly with wings and a jet on its back). However one of the demons has spied on them and reports this development to Dr. Hell. He sends the shapeless demon Bugo and Sirene to destroy the Scrander. They manage to damage it before being driven off by Koji’s raygun(just like earthworm jim); Sirene escapes by taking Koji’s brother Shiro Kabuto and his friend Sayaka Yumi hostage(if she can damage the scrander then how come she cant just tear up Mazinger z? aint they made of similar stuff??). She then lets them fall from the sky, but they are saved by Devilman. When Koji goes to pick them up, he watches Akira change into Devilman and so learns his secret. Devilman follows the amorphous demon to the sea, but falls into a trap; he’s rescued by Koji in the Mazinger. Bugo wraps around Mazinger Z but is blown off and blown apart by a missile. hes ok though. During the fight Koji uses breast fire underwater to overheat this k9 mechanical beast that Devilman couldn't beat and frees Devilman from an electric net with Rocket Punch. The k9 gets crushed by a big yellow and black striped thing. Afterwards they talk, and Akira reveals to him that he’s a rogue member of the Demon Tribe who fights to protect humanity.

The combined forces of Dr. Hell and the demons attack the Laboratory; Devilman flies to help defend it, but is overwhelmed and captured when he gets cut up and bugo/Sirene grab his arms and carry him(oh and his wings get chopped) also in the fight against Mazinger z he j-zzed on Mazingers face and it had a minor impact in battle. Devilman is taken to some (obviously magical) clouds, where he’s placed on an ice cross and tortured by the demons for being a traitor (what is this? riki-oh?!). However, as soon as the Scrander is repaired, Koji uses it to fly the Mazinger into the clouds, killing the demons, freeing Devilman and finally destroying the flying fortress, although Hell and Baron Ashura escape alive. Bugo is xzapped by koshiryoku beam then blown apart by rusto tornado which somehow destroys him.

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