Horror movies always slag the lusty teens

They were a group of peple that were invited to a party at Ryo Asuka's Black Sabbath in a hidden area under his house, he considerd them to be the lowest of the low of human life. Most of them are transformed into Demons at the same time as Akira Fudo, others were either killed or traumatised. They are used to b0ning and drunken stuff and drugs and partying. So basically teens. They appear in Devilman:The Birth and the manga.

known Demons at the Sabbath[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Many ancient pagan cultures used secks and drugs to alter consciousness to do rituals to commune with otherworldly forces. Some Christians say mind altering substances can weaken ones spiritual defences and allow wicked spirits to affect them. This is basically what these hippies do. Go Nagai did his research.

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