Biniku busted


Biniku real face

He looks hairless like those ugly cats.


A human male from Abashiri Family who can change his appearence somehow. He can change his voice and bone structure somehow but doesn't think about his smell.

What he does in the seriesEdit

In Abashiri Family:OAV 3 he disguises himself as Yukiko Shirane so he can get close to Kikunosuke Abashiri so he can shank her with a dagger after the real Yukiko is captured. He begs Kikunosuke to leave since the teachers are killers and her wounds are not healed. He then says about how there is a teacher spying on the room and (as Yukiko) says he loves her in a Lesbian moment. He hugs her and is about to shank her but gets shived instead since Kikunosuke could tell he wasn't Yukiko since he stinks(like a dirty feral dog). He lunges at her but gets nailed by the 8 gods attack and his mask falls off. After Kikunosuke leaves, he writes a message in his own blood to the other teachers. And then...he died.

Changes from the mangaEdit

Biniku manga

Its weird enough to be Springer

In the manga, he doesn't lunge at Kukunosuke and isn't killed by the 8 Gods Attack but just gets a knife thrown into his head and falls backwards(instead of forwards as is the anime).
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