Belgas V5 is the machine mutant mechanical beast created by Dr. Hell and used in Mazinger Z Episode 27.


Controlled dismemberment with each part of the body capable of flying and operating independently, sound waves from the face on the torso, a drill in the head, two spikes in each foot

What he doesEdit

Mazinger ZEdit

CB Chara Go Nagai WorldEdit

Belgas V5 Chibi World OVA 2

Looks more like the kid of Aphrodite A and Mazinger Z.

In here he shows up in and ‏‎ 3.

OVA 2Edit

In the 3rd OVA when Dr and Baron Ashura fight over the control staff, Ryo Asuka gets em to show their forces. and all that's left is Belgas. Later Koji Kabuto uses Mazinger Z to get to Ghoul Belgas is sent out to stop him but as it cant fly, it falls. Sirene comments on this but it separates its parts and its arms fly and catch her. Koji tries to catch her but it stops him. Koji comments its design is a rip off of Mazinger z and it shocks him for it. Dr. Hell fires his "laser" at Sirene but she phases through the arms and they burst from the "laser". Later Koji uses his Koshiryoku beam! to bust the body of Belgas. Ryo later knocks Mazinger away.

OVA 3Edit

Here as Akira Fudo is following Ghoul into space Garada K7 and Belgas face him. Belgas is just a head and Garara is hanging from a thing. Garada throws his head blade and it nearly hits Belgas as Belgas gets steamed. Garada throws another blade but Akira catches it. As the 1st blade returns it cuts 1 side of the thing Garada gangs rom. Akira flies in as Belgas gives chase, but is caught by arm tentacles in Ghoul. Then Akira cuts the other rope and Garada falls. After Akira takes care of Zenon, the Ghoul tilts up and Belgas head falls on Akira. After Ghoul goes down on the world of Violence Jack, Ashura works with Koji and Jinmen to make a way to get back. Ghouls anti gravity engine, Belgas as the transformer, Koji's Pileder as the controller, and the batteries from Ghoul. Oh and Jinmen using his powers to make a barrier to keep air in to breathe (although that area of air would run out quick with 1 man, 2 half people and a demon in it). He's last seen with Garada, Count Brocken and Koji as Koji and Count shake hands.


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