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Baron Ashura is a hermaphrodite villain from Mazinger Z.

Mazinger Z[]


Why is the woman always paler than the man??

In the original Mazinger Z manga, Baron Ashura is a cyborg created by Dr. Hell using the mummified remains of a Mycenaean couple. Ashura thanked Dr. Hell with loyalty and forever follows Dr. Hell without question. It was Ashura who initiated the assassination attempt on Juzo Kabuto, Koji Kabuto's grandfather, and succeeded. Ashura sees Koji as a worthy enemy thanks mainly to Mazinger Z winning over Dr. Hell's machines. Ashura also has a rivalry over Count Brocken, another of Dr. Hell's servants, over who wins the mad scientist's admiration.

his/her female voice was voiced by Haruko Kitahama who was also Scissor Claw, Badfly Claw, Black Claw, Fire Claw, Cutter Claw, Dynamite Claw, Sea Panther, and Spin Claw In Cutey Honey, Sirene in Devilman TV, Kyuusuichou Mother in Dororon Enma-kun‏‎, Mama and Satome in Majokko Tickle, Marquis Janus in Great Mazinger and Female Baron Ashura in Mazinger Z, Mazinger Z Vs. Devilman‏‎, Mazinger Z Vs. Dr. Hell‏‎, Mazinkaiser,

his/her male voice was done by Hidekatsu Shibata who was also Zenon in Devilman TV, Enma-Daio‏‎ and Kusari-Gama in Dororon Enma-kun‏‎, General Kuroda in X Bomber, Emperor of Darkness‏‎ and Kenzo Kabuto in Great Mazinger, Dr. Daimonji in Daiku Maryu Gaiking, Geronimo, Baron Ashura male and Kenzo Kabuto in Mazinger Z, Baron Ashura in Mazinger Z Vs. Devilman‏‎, Mazinger Z Vs. Dr. Hell‏‎, Mazinkaiser holy cr-p he was geese howard in the fatal fury anime!! Lol he played God in In The Beginning - The Bible Stories. weird as he was devil Z in transformers super god masterforce.


Volume 01[]

So as Koji is spazzing up the town in Mazinger z another robot comes out at Suruga and its Garada K7 and Doublas M2 f--king up Japans military like its the opening to the Mazinger Z Anime. Baron Ashura is pleased and confident in his robots butt f--kery of Japan and Sayaka and koji go over to f--k em up. Koji is suddenly better at driving this thing as he says it "responds to his will" like its the 2000 Inspector Gadget movie with Ferris Bueler. Garada and Doublas attack the Photon Lab but the lab has pop up missile launchers like its Computer Warriors or some sh-t and they hold off the Mechanical Beasts until Mazinger and Sayaka show up and f--k up the bad robots. Baron Ashura pulls a Cobra Commander and retreats to his Bardos Island base and tells Dr H-ll about it and the bad doctor wants to have Mazinger Z to conquer the world(Which kinda happens in Mazinkaiser OVA 1). Ashura wants to capture Koji and later Koji and Sayaka go back to living in their old house as its closer to where Mazinger is housed. Later, the Iron Mask dudes of Ashura attack and wanna take off Koji's head to remake his bod into one of them (Like in Riki-oh how they wanted to equip his body with his brothers head) and Koji fights em. After knocking off 1 iron mask, its hot an open head with brains out like in Hannibal and like liberals, they have no free will and just serve a demony bad guy. Koji slags 1 and more come in but Yamitaro Ankokuji comes outta the floor like Kekko Kamen and caps em. Because 1 guy has a few bullets, the Iron Masks (Is that where Pokemon 4ever got it from?) say they were beat and Baron Ashura sends Dogura S1 / Magura F2 to get Koji and surfaces the Underwater Fortress Saluud to launch em. At home, Koji calls the ambulance to save the Iron Mask guys as he don't wanna be a murderer, but Ankokuji sez its not murder if its self defense (Hear that commies? Zimmerman did nothing wrong! A Japanese cop sez so!). Then Dogura S1 / Magura F2 attacks and Shiro is glad as with all this Chaos, they can skip school tomorrow. Koji goes back in the house as Dogura S1 / Magura F2 f--k it up and flies out in the Hover Pilder. It follows him and burns the forest like in The DBZ Tree Of Might movie and Koji gets to the Photon Lab and Locks on to Mazinger Z. He remembers Juzo's words that he IS Mazinger Z when driving it and Koji fights Dogura S1 / Magura F2 but it splits in 2, grabs Mazingers arms, and goes for the head! But Koji slams em back together with Mazingers big black arms. Dogura S1 / Magura F2 flies up with Mazinger to kill Koji from the impact shock by Koji falling. Koji slams his head on the glass as I guess there's no seat belt and Sayaka in Aphrodite A comes out to Save Koji's big meaty a55. Koji gets up, slags 1 of em and cooks the other with BULESTO FAIYA! And Ashura b--ches about it.

Volume 02[]

So it starts with Dr H revealing he can crush Ashura's skull with his will and how he found the ruins of Bardos Island to use the tech the Mycenaeans used to make huge steel warriors. In there he found the Mechanical Beasts that are higher tech than todays tech. Dr H wants to be better than Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan and Napoleon and Hitler and rule Za Warudo. Now he wants Ashura to get Photon Energy that's hundreds of times better than Nucular(Like Protoculture in Robotech?) and wants him/her to capture Mazinger Z. Later Ashura summons Bamaras Y1 and Bazin B9 and the Mechanical Beasts attack and Koji motorcycles to the lab. but Mazinger is already out and driven by Ashura and busts the city! Koji follows and at the lab Sayaka gets there but Dr Yumi sez Mazinger is still in the hanger. Ankokuji sez he saw Mazinger in town and they realize its a fake and Sayaka sends Boss and friends after Koji. Sayaka goes in an upgraded Aphrodite and as Koji follows Fake Mazinger, its back opens up and Iron Mask guys on Mechanical Steeds come out and Koji fights em. Then Boss and his droogs come by and Koji drives off and Fake Mazinger jumps to stomp Koji like its freekin Super Mario. But Aphrodite fires off one of her b00bs and blasts him back. Koji returns to the lab and Sewashi, Nossori and Morimori give Koji a new suit to use Mazinger Z better. So Koji drives Mazinger out and Ashura calls the Mechanical Beasts to fight Mazinger. Ashura beats up and throws Aphrodite A but Mazinger saves her and is introduced to him/her. Koji tries a Rocket Punch but Bazin B9 f--ks with electromagnetic waves and f--ks it up. He tries Breast Fire but Bamaras Y1 grabs and lifts Mazinger so it can't nail em. Then Bamaras Y1 throws Mazinger and Bazin B9 uses Electricity too counter Earth's Gravity somehow and Mazinger goes high and lands on its feet hard so Koji gets f--ked. He/her sends Bamaras Y1 and Bazin B9 to bring Mazinger to Saluud but Koji turns on its arms and slags Bazin B9. Then jumps on Bamaras Y1 like a Mario game and uses Rust Hurricane on Fake Mazinger. He/her escapes by launching the head and a ship comes outta it and Koji busts the Fake Mazinger, which is just disguised Mechanical Beast.

Volume 03[]

So then Shiro's school gets a new student, a Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed chick named Lorelei Heinrich and she and Shiro getta long. She takes Shiro BACK TO HER PLACE TO B0NE to meet her dad Schtroheim Heinrich who's got a f--ked face from being part robot. He knew a Professopr Kabuto and claims to be better than him and is making a robot better than Mazinger Z (Which makes Shiro chimp out)! At night, Ashura comes for Schtroheim and wants his research or he/she'd slag him (Like Dr Kisaragi??) but Schtroheim fights with a death ray in his eye. At home, Koji sez Juzo said Dr Heinrich was dead and a syper robot genius who bit it in an accident. Shiro thinks he's a ghost but Koji sez Ghosts ain't real (What about Princess Margaret in Lovely Angel??) and he's a cyborg (which later happens with Another Mazinger dude Koji knows). So Schtroheim slags the soldiers and Ashura runs off and comes back the next day in Ghoul and drops River F9 which blows Schtroheim's house. But the ground rips open and Donau Alpha 1 comes out! Its got Lorelei's face on it and Ashura sez Schtroheim only did this well cuz Dr H revives him, but he fled Bardos Island as he wanted to make Donau stronger instead of rushing it out like modern games do and cover their cr-ppy work with day 1 patches. Schtroheim wanted his robot to Have a human heart and brain) and not just be a doll ordered around. He wants him/her to let him finish but he/she wants it now and slags Schtroheim with hidden machine guns and he falls a few dozen feet from his bot. He tells Lorelei She's not really his daughter, but a robot he made and he loved her like a real daughter as she's a robot with emotions. If she removes the ribbon in her hair, she'd fuse with the Donau and he tells her to do that to beat Mazinger Z. Shiro tells her not to but she do and it does and she slags River as the Staff of Bardos can't control her now that she has free will. Ashura escapes again and Broken mocks him/her but he/she sez now Donau will beat Mazinger for em. Brocken sez he's taking over when Donau falls (didn't he already take over b4??) So Koji in Mazinger Z comes over to stop River and Donau and Donau sez she was made to beat Mazinger and despite Shiro's attempts for peace, 1 must die. They fight and Mazinger gets 1 of its arms decroded by its own reflected Rust Hurricane, then grabs the head tentacle and pulls off its head and beats on it with it til it blows. Shiro is all busted up over it and hears a tune from the wreckage of Donau

Volume 04[]

So Dr H is b--chin about all these Mechanical beasts being f'd by Mazinger Z and its invincible Super Alloy Z Body. Dr shows Baron a piece of Super Alloy Z and has Goukyuun U5 use an arrow of Alloy X (Its always X!! Planet X! X the unknown! XXX! xXx State of the Union! X the man with X Ray Eyes! X Men! XXX Men! Mega Man X! Ranger X!) and skewers the piece of Super Alloy Z. So at the Photon Lab, run on Japanuim which is only found in Mt Fuji, Sayaka gets Koji in the pool and is pulled in by Shiro. She sez another Mechanical Beast is attacking! The Battleship Shiranami is f'd by Goukyuun U5 and Koji and Sayaka go over in their mechs. Sayaka fires a b00b missile but Goukyuun U5 fires an arrow and gets her bot through the neck. Then nails Mazinger a few times and it f'd its systems so it can't use most of its attacks. Goukyuun U5 beats on Mazinger but Koji tries all his moves til he finds Rocket Punch works and he busts it. Later Dr H shows Ashura a Mechanical Beast based on him/her. Koji and Shiro are skiing and they get a call on his Non apple Watch to fight a Mechanical Beast that's too much for Aphrodite A and Boss Borot. Boss attacks but it uses whip fingers to fling him around and a chest panel opens and fires missiles like Overlord in Transformers Super god Masterforce and busts him. Aphrodite attacks with b00b missiles but it splits in 2 and evades, then chomps on her with its body and blows her apart. Her head lands and Sayaka falls out and he/she is gonna stomp her but Mazinger shows up. He/she fires breast needles and pops Mazingers Eyes and missiles off his scrander, then splits in to and chomps Mazinger. Koji self detonates with the missiles in him and busts the enemy but escapes in the pilder. He asks Mazinger to forgive him and sez he's gonna fix it. Later Ashura talks to Tauros D7, Kingdan X10, Belgas V5 and Ghostfire V9, but he /she wants to use his/her daughters Gamia Q. He/.she drives his/her sub and sends em up and they come out of the water and a camper asks if they are ok. They slice off his head with their hair and he falls in his campfire(and is probably eaten by animals or people later(well, he IS cooked). at school later they go to see Koji when they do they try slicing him with their blade hair(Like Mao in riki-oh?) and Boss 's clothes get f'd. Ashura talks through em and sez they'd cut him to pieces like its Hokuto No Ken or something and they attack. Then this robot is f--kin up Tokyo and Sayaka goes in her Mech that's been rebuilt like 3x by now and is sliced in 2 by KingDan X10. Ghost Fire V9 cooks the city and Kingdan busts Aphrodite's head with a blade. At school, Boss's clothes get sliced off and he sez its becoming a Shameless School and they're doing Mazinger here, but Koji sez boss's gross bod isn't good enuff for Shameless School(Although there were some ugly mother f--ker in there) and Boss can barely read. then a Cameo by Mitsuko Yagyu IN THE NUDE, the Pilder comes in driven by Shiro and Koji throws 1 Gamia and the others chop her up. Shiro sez the Mechanical beasts are f-kkin up Japan like bad censorship laws and Ashura sez they f'd Sayaka's mech and his men are looking for her body but if she's alive, he's f--k her up. If he hands over Mazinger Z he/she well call off the attacks. Koi fights the Gamia's but Shiro slags em with the Pilder. Belgas goes to the lab and tells Yumi that if he hands over Mazinger Z, he/she will end their attacks on the Japan, and that Gamia Q's iced Koji. Koji gets back and Yumi has given up Mazinger as it was carried off by what looks like Drones and is gonna bring it to Saluud, but the Pilder comes by and he/she orders Belgas to slag it. Of course Koji gets in despite Belgas's detaching parts and he f--ks saluud up. Belgas fights Mazinger and Saluud sinks in the sea as Mazinger Z sinks to the bottom of the sea, but can take the miles of pressure, even on the pilder dome somehow. He hits the floor and its soft and he sinks in it and uses violent wind to raise the silt in the floor up and in the dust, crushes Belgas's head. Its remaining pieces reassemble and Mazinger comes out from underground and throws the rock Belgas was on and nukes it with Breast Fire. Ashura trys to ram Saluud into Mazinger and he catches it and swings it around like in Mazinkaiser vs The Great General of Darkness, so he/she sends Glossam X2 to buy time to get away. Its designed for underwater combat and fires missiles at Mazinger, grabs him in its jaws, throws him, then blasts with a super heated beam to heat up Mazinger and Cook Koji. Koji uses his own Breast Fire and it heats up and cracks and blows Glossam X2. Koji gets outta the sea and wonders if Sayaka was on Saluud but notes that if she was, he/she would have used her against him. Then Tauros D7 nails a hole in Mazinger gut and Ghostfire V9 Chains up Mazinger in a non SM way for Tauros D7 to penetrate him. Mazinger jumps, Ghostfire gets skewered, and Mazinger swings its chains to slam em both and they blow. then Kingdan X10 comes in with Aphrodite in its hand and Sayaka tied to a bed in its torso and demands that Mazinger come with them

Volume 05[]

Mazinger Z goes on the water base Saluud and Boss is clinging to his leg as the base goes under da sea. Boss in an Iron Mask suit tells this guard its his shift and tells Koji that Sayaka is being cared for and they plan to try something at the right time. Later, 30 km off Ogasawara, Saluud is spotted as they tracked Aphrodite A's transmissions. Dr Yumi is there and hopes to save his kid, but hopes she can forgive him if he has to send her to H E Double Korea to stop the Baddz from getting Mazinger. Later, Boss in Iron Mask sez to the guards "We got trouble" and when they come, Koji headshots em(So much for not wanting to be a murderer, wait, didn't that happen with Rick in Robotech?) and they go to save Sayaka. Boss stands guard and Koji sees she's bare a55 naked under the covers and Boss wants to see (You saw her nude b4 Koji!!). Meanwhile, a half hairs Baron Ashura is taking a shower and feeling his/her right b00b with his/her left hand and still wears a hood and we see his/her a55, when he/she gets a message saying the Japanese Navy tracked em with Sayaka's mech. He/she orders an attack and we never get to see his/her crotch. Saluud spins a thing to make a Whirlpool and Dr Yumi orders em to drop Depth Charges which f--ks out the artificial Island. Koji trys to stop Boss from seeing her nude but the ship jerks around and Sayaka falls out and wakes up and hugs Koji, b4 Boss tells her she's Nude. Saluud's island comes off and attacks the Japanese Military by flying around like Ginnai Doma's head and the underwater base is getting f--ked by the Navy. As they can't send Kingdan X10 underwater, they launch subs to fight and Sayaka wears an Iron Mask outfit and her and Boss fake moving prisoner Koji around to get to Mazinger. Guarding her is Gamia Q3 who I guess survived the last fight and fights Koji with a sneak twist, She's Nude under her outfit and her t-ts stun Koji and she gets a hair in his shooting arm. They fight on and the Navy f--ks out the enemy subs and goes iun to end Saluud. Sayaka interferes in the fight and gets sliced and Koji tugs her cape to save Sayaka and Sayaka throws Koji his gun. Ashura is told the Saluud is too f'd to go on and he/she sez to ditch it and leave Mazinger and Kingdan X10. Koji shoots off Gamia Q3's hair and as she runs he splits her in half. He then is gonna take Saluud down and Sayaka sez her dad told her of swimming jets on Mazinger Z's Feet. Koji slags Kingdan X10 and gets its sword and busts through the ship to get Ashura but he/she sez its Koji who's going down cuz the ships nucular reactor will soon overload and runs off. The escape pods fire off and Dr Yumi has a few shot down but most escape. As he think he won't give up on her unless he sees a body, an escape pod poops up and Sayaka is in it and parachutes out. Mazinger busts through the base and uses BuLesTo FaiYa and gets out. On da Navy Yumi tells his girl the only way Koji can survive is the swim jets. Koji gets out but sinks in the floor. The ship blows and then Mazinger swims up as unlike Devilman, you can't kill the main guy. Later Ashura guys are out at night and he/she plans to f---k up Koji. Later Sayaka is on patrol as the Iron Cross guys were out last night. Then Ghoul is coming and Koji gets in Mazinger and Sayaka's Mech moves on its own to hug Mazinger like they're b0ning. Ashura had his goons put a thing in her mech to control it and has Brocken send Naider V1. Koji can't use most of his moves with Sayaka on him and fires Rocket Punch with Iron Cutter which are caught by Naider V1's Magnet Shield. Naider V1 shanks both good guy mechs on its long spear and Koji sees the only way is to shoot through the hostage and breast fires apart Naider V1 And Sayaka's mech. Then Sayaka ain't mad but glad Koji saved her.

Great Mazinger[]

Huh, With his head on his body, Brocken is taller than Ashura, Never noticed that!

In the Manga Gennosuke Yumi wants to make a Mazinger Army to take on Dr. Hell at his last base. Its days from being finished and Koji Kabuto wants to end the Dr for slagging his grandpa and other people. Somehow Dr H hears of this and vows to crush Japan in 10 days. He sends Baron Ashura and Count Brocken to send all his forces to Japan to waste it. Ghoul is flyed by Brocken and Budo by Ashura. Koji uses his upgraded Jet Scrander to fly but it comes off in da air and Mazinger lands on his feet. Sayaka Yumi hugs Koji worried of him and the curvy blonde twists Lori and Loru show up. Koji nearly slags em thinking they are Gamia Q and they are former Pro Racers (Like Danica Patrick??). He also meets Shun Azuma and Masao Ooide who are gonna pilot other Mazinger Army Veritechs. Koji don't think Ooide is a mechanical beast like Azuma as he reminds him of Sayaka and Sayaka chases him as women spazz out at minor jokes. We get a look over of the robots and pilots.

Then Dr H's forces attack and take out a warship and Ghoul launches Birdon B7 which falls to the jets. Jeiser J1 comes next and grinds up the jets. The Scrander needs 3 days to finish the upgrades and both of the Dr's battle fortresses are probably full of monsters. Dr H sends a message broadcast to Japan saying he's called that as he's gonna send everyone in Japan there. At night the Ghoul attacks Japan like its the Allies in WW2 and the Japan sends the Mazinger Army. Sayaka uses Venus A and its equipped with Mazinger Z's attacks and they battle the Mechanical beaSTS. The other Mazinger Army homies each have an attack from Mazinger and all 3 robots(4 pilots) get slagged. Sayaka is then saved by Koji in the incomplete Scrander equipped Mazinger, who then tears up Ghoul from inside. So Baron Ashura in Budo is landing on the beach like the Allies in WW2 and Ghoul comes down after being f'd from within and slams in the sub and all on both get sent to h e double england! Ghoul seems to survive and returns to Dr H Holes base and Mazinger and Venus follow.

CB Chara Go Nagai World[]

Baron Ashura in SD (Super-Deformed) form from CB Chara Go Nagai world.

In here, Asura finds Ryo Asuka and thinks it was his Satan powers that made the Chibi World. They form an alliance with Ryo and later captures Sirene to be the bride of their master. They get into a "trying to kill the other guy" thing with their master when its Ryo who comes out instead of Sirene and it turns out the evil empire they belong to is almost broke so Ryo gives them his Demon Gold Card. After the ship is destroyed by Mazinger and Satan, Asura and Jinmen land on Violence Jack World and meet up with Bunta and Ryu Takuma. After Koji Kabuto and they make a spacecraft out of Mazinger Z, Belgas V5 and Ghoul they return to their home world and are last seen giving their creator a hug(Awww).

In here he was played by Kouichi Yamadera who was also Robert in Cutey Honey F (Movie), Yuichi Niki in Urotsukidoji (a p0rn0e) Guy in Guy Double Target (another p0rn0e) Kakugo Hagakure in Apocalypse Zero(not a p0rn0e, but pretty close) Ryouga Hibiki n Ranma 1/2(not a p0rn0e but pretty queer), Donquixote Rosinante in One Piece (not a p0rn0 but luffy has a rubber d0ng), Ryouji Kaji in Evangelion(there are p0rn0es better than that series), Jubei Kibagami in Ninja Scroll the movie(theres b0ning in that one) Inspector Zenigata in Lupin III(not a p0rn0 despite Fujiko), Togusa/Laughing man in Ghost in the shell, Beerus in DBZ and Dragon Ball Super (that ones a furry), and he played a part in every pokemon movie.

The female Forme was voiced by Saeko Shimazu who was Yuri in Dirty Pair, Kodachi Kuno in Ranma 1/2, Shinobu Miyake in Urusei Yatsura and Akiko Mishima in All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku



too bad good thing we don't see his/her crotch. I wonder what its like?

Baron Ashura's final moments before ultimately being defeated by Koji Kabuto, in the final episode of Mazinkaiser.

In Mazinkaiser, Baron Ashura continues their attempt to please Dr. Hell by defeating Koji Kabuto and fulfilling the mad scientist's ambition to rule the world. As in the original Mazinger Z series, Baron Ashura meets constant defeat and thus tries other methods of defeating Koji Kabuto, such as sending the android assassins Gamia Q, and disguising as Prof. Yumi, Sayaka's father and head of the Photon Power Lab. In the end, Ashura is imprisoned by Dr. Hell for their constant failures but is set free and given one last chance in a duel to the death against Koji.

His/her male voice was done by Robert Kraft in the ADV dub who also did Yuuzo Tachikawa in Comic Party Revolution, Shiro Sakazawa in Devil Lady, Vilog in Eden's Bowy, Kenshiro in New fist of the north star (waoh!!), Aptom in Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor(awesome), Buchu in Soul Hunter and Uragano in Wedding Peach(hot).

His/her female voice was dubbed by Lainie Fraiser who also did Chiyoko's Grandmother and Harpy in Devil Lady, Chocobaba in Final Fantasy Unlimited, Yura in New Fist of the North Star (awesome), Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (dat 90s), Raindevila in wedding peach and spider woman in wedding peach dx.


I'm GOOD Ashura! And your baD aSHURA!!

In the 2003 Mazinkaiser Manga by Go Nagai and Naoto Tsushima, Koji Kabuto has given up after Mazinger Z got busted and Sayaka Yumi chats with him about Jun Hono and Tetsuya Tsurugi fighting. Meanwhile, Dr H is reviving Baron Ashura in a tank with his/her DNA and it regrows into the bisected hermaphrodite we know and love. Dr H sez he genetically took the evil of 2 beings into 1 to make him/her loyal to him forever. Sayaka shows Koji the improved Aphrodite A and Koji is bummed over not being able to fight and when Koji goes for a motorcycle ride he meets a reverse Baron Ashura who's man and woman halfs are on the other side and this one is nice looking and polite. Koji dont trust her/him and good Ashura says she/he serves Dr Heaven and reveals that had she/he been evil Ashura she/he could have slagged him by now. so Koji goes into space on a ship to a big a55 satellite that don't reflect waves so its undetectable from da urth. Its been there thousands of years and was pat of the Mycenaeans that were really aliens who the early humans worshipped as gods like f--king ancient aliens! Anti Ashura sez the tech from Mechanical Beasts and Mazinger is from there and she/he takes Koji to meet... His Grandpa Juzo Kabuto!! Turns out the Juzo who bad Ashura killed was a clone and Real Juzo made 2 clones of himself to help him and 1 turned evil and became Dr. Hell (Good f--k! Thats a pretty f'd Retcon! What next?! Optimus and Megatron being Brothers?!). Real Juzo (Shin Juzo??) sez theres good and evil in us all and Koji chose to be good unlike evil clone Juzo. But then the evil Juzo launches an all out attack like in Mazinger Z Infinity and Mazinkaiser OVA 1 to slag Great Mazinger and Shin Juzo Kabuto gives Koji Mazinkaiser to stop his evil clone.

Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen[]

We finally see their hair

In Shin Mazinger, Baron Ashura is sent to assassinate Juzo Kabuto and destroy the Photon Power Lab, as the first in Dr. Hell's campaign of world domination. Ashura begins sending agents to assassinate Juzo, but are constantly killed by members of the Kurogane House. Ashura then sends Garada K7 and Doublas M2 to attack, but attacks and knocks down Mazinger Z with their bare hands after seeing it as a striking resemblance to Zeus, the person responsible for the downfall of the Mycenaeans. Ashura is stopped by Dr. Hell, who sees their actions delaying the campaign. Ashura then resumes the campaign by letting Garada K7 attack Mazinger Z, Doublas M2 on the Photon Power Lab and the Iron Mask troops go after Juzo Kabuto. By the end of Episode 4, Ashura is struck down by an assassin from the Kurogane House but somehow never dies. At the end of the series, Baron Ashura trolls everyone by sacrificing itself in order to revive the old gods of Mycenae.

In here his/her female voice was done by Kaori Yamagata who also did Elexis Sinclaire in Sin the movie(sounds like a p0rn0), Emeralda in Yugioh GX (hot), Nelson Andrews mom in Yugioh Zexal (kinda hot, but anna was hotter), Anna Williams in Tekken: The Motion Picture(ova), Sister Hamazaka in Strawberry Panic and Dr. Ouelet in the Ghost in the Shell Live Action Movie.

His/her male voice was done by Kōji ISHITOBI who has done no other voice roles and may as well not exist.

Mazinger Z Infinity[]

Cheer up. At least you dont got a shower scene in here

Here he takes on and beats Tetsuya Tsurugi and Great Mazinger with a sneak attack in Texas and uses him to run Mazinger Infinity. He don't do much but later in the final battle, takes on Mazinger Z with Count Brocken in their mechs based on em. He tries a pincer attack to clasp Mazinger between the male and female halfs of the mech as Brocken goes to skewer Koji but Koji counters, skewers their mechs together and kills em with a rust tornado. and then... he died... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! (Spoiler; they went straight to Hell).

His/her mAle voice was done by Hiroyuki Miyasako who also did Akubon in Casshern the live action movie, Shibai-Mono Tanuki in Tofu Kozo, Sousuke Ajino in the piano forest and Momoko's dad in Kamikaze Girls.

His/her female voice was done by Romi Park (good f--k!!!) who you may remember as Helen/Kolin in Street Fighter V, Iska Farkas in Soul Calibur Legends, Mistral in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Pharah in Overwatch (aw gay!!), Shaorune in Tales of Rebirth, Shirogane Naoto in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4(aw gay again!), Toma in Shining Force EXA(spoiler; da genesis gamers were better), Chloe Klick and Kurt Klick in Aquarion(that had a fat chick ep right?), Hange Zoë in Attack on Titan, Damian Hart in Beyblade: Metal Masters (gay!), Hitsugaya Tōshirō in bleach(hot!!), Zola in Blue Dragon, Ken Ichijoji in Digimon (that was actually good), Edowado Eruiku Edward Elric in FMA (not a yaoi despite all the purvoes pairing up ed and Inuyasha), Pakunoda in hunter x hunter (the 2011 ver), Ragyo Kiryuuin in Kill La Kill(hot)), Temari in Naruto(sorta yaoi), Bista (Doha) in New fist of the north star (that one was good), Raikou Minamoto in New Getter Robo‏‎ (awesome), Karasuba in Sekirei (busty!!), Ren Tao in Shaman King(that wasn't so bad. The konami gba games were cool), Dan in Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Kenshirō-den (fist of the north star 0: Kenshiro legend), Komatsu in Toriko(I liked the manga), Naoko Sukeban in Cutie Honey Universe, Queen Meldusa in Getter Robo Arc, Loran Cehack in Turn A Gundam and Uesugi Kenshin in Sengoku Basara Samurai Kings.

In the dub his male voice is done by Marc Thompson who was Casey Jones, Drako, Damiyo, Uncle Augie in the 4kids Ninja Turtles (which was actually good!!) Cobra Commander, Destro, Zartan, Kamakura, Spirit in G.I. Joe Sigma 6 (Which wascool? I think?) Megatron in Transformers: Cyberverse, Duke Devlin, Valon, Rafael, Zigfreid von Schroeder. Aknamkanon in Yugioh (Which was good), Eskara, Tyrannoclaw, Ramenman, Kid Muscle in Ultimate Muscle, Astral in Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (Which I liked but other didn't) and the gay german fat kid in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (that one s-cked!!).

his female voice was done by Martha Harms who was Maki Itokazu in Cat Planet Cuties (Furry!!) background chicks in dbz kai (Gayyyyy!) and marlene in the Funimation Escaflowne


Go Nagai sure loves hermaphrodites

  • Violence Jack: In volume 8 he/she appears and does the same thing as in the show while being a human who knows kung fu. he/she trains the machine beast kung fu guys in kung fu to take on Jim Mazinger but they bust his/her dudes and flees b4 getting iced. Eventually, Ashura gets Yakuza guys and storms the Ashura witnesses the Iron Castle Dojo but the good guys use dynamite to blow it and landslide them as Jim and Koji beats a55. Eventually, Pygmy The Reaper causes death of Jim Mazinger but Aphrodite and Diana[ bust his head in with a rock and Ashura is defeated and perhaps dies in a kung fu fight with Aphrodina and Diana.
  • Hanappe Bazooka: In Hanappe Bazooka OVA they appear for a few secs next to Devilman in a demon thing around 3/5ths through the OVA. It is implied they are a demon in here

he/shes on the west side