Yugioh also uses angels. But that's... another story

Angels, show up sometimes in Go Nagai's works, mainly in the series Devilman, and Devil Lady and Dororon Enma-kun. They are powerful beings with unique abilities and appearances. They are usually seen as messengers of God and are often from Heaven. They usually have a typical Angel design with light colors, feathered wings, and are sometimes hermaphrodites.


Demons ruled the earth in the ancient past millions of years ago. Living off their instincts they slaughtered one another for the sake of power. God came to exterminate the race from the Earth and sent his Angels to do so. Satan felt pity for the Demons and rebelled against God to save them. After a long battle the Demons were sent into hibernation until the time came for them to rise up and defeat God in the final battle. After they awoken they find pests called Humans to have conquered their Earth. Therefore Satan and the Demons declare war on the humans.

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