He's like if Bill Nye wasn't a quack

Alphonse is the Male Human Teacher of Akira Fudo and Miki Makimura in Devilman The Tv series. Hes more of a comic relief character who is often the butt of the joke. He's not evil though and wants to do a good job for his class. But those kids man! Esp that Akira guy. Its like hes a demon child or something

He was voiced by the great Ichiro Nagai who was also Rerasu and Zool In Devilman TV, Dr. Kasuminome in Baoh, Dr Namba in Pokemon, Happosai in Rannma 1/2, Sakuramboo/Cherry in Urusei Yatsura, The Chief in Dominion Tank Police, Karin/Whiskers the Wonder Cat and crain hermit in Dragon Ball, Dr. Tachibana in Getter Robo Go, General Hadias and General Julicaesar‏‎ in ep 33 of Great Mazinger, Isaac Netero in Hunter X Hunter, Tahei Hiraga in Master Keaton, Doujin in Ninja Scroll, Guiseppe Maiyart in Wicked City (that was almost a p0rn0e) and D's left hand in Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust (that really sounds like a p0rn0)

Cameo's[edit | edit source]

  • Cutey Honey: in here they made a female version of him. She even has a moustache and likes chicks. Her name? Alphonne!!
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