Akiko Makimura was the mom of Miki Makimura and Tare Makimura and the woman of Kozo Makimura. She cares for her fam and Akira Fudo when he comes to live with them. Usually she gets slagged at or near the end of the series.

70s TV Version[edit | edit source]

As this is the 70s you can assume they were in WW2. Take that China! Hirohito Yo Eien Ni!

In here she's a good wife and mother and sometimes has issues with Demons. She survives this cuz its made b4 Go Nagai went all massacre ending in his stuff(Although Harenchi Gakuen had that too so...)

She was played by rihoko yoshida who also was Panther Zora in Cutey Honey FX, angel heart in city hunter, Lorelei Heinrich in Mazinger Z, Michiru Saotome in Getter Robo, Grendizer, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger: Monster of The Ocean Floor‏‎, Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo G: Clash in The Sky‏‎, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo‏‎, Miwa Uzuki in Kotetsu Jeeg, Megu in Majokko Megu, Tickle in Majokko Tickle, Persis Mohammed in Shutendoji, Mayor Weatherbie in New Dominion Tank Police, Josephine in Slayer OVA, Mega in Transformers Super God Master Force and Maria Grace Fleed in UFO Robo Grendizer.

Manga ver[edit | edit source]

Spoiler; this don't end well!

In here she's a good housewife who cares for her fam and has good times. until the demons slagged em. Actually, it as the humans who feared demons more than being monsters themselves who killed em thinking they were bad guys. so its Antifa? punch a Nazi? punch a daemon?

80s OAV Version[edit | edit source]

I wasn't intending to get this shot. but its too perfect.

In here she gets caught by the Demons and sealed in the wall while Akira fights Gelmer, Agwel and Sirene. She's freed after the fight by The Demon Cleaning Team or w/e so no one will know Demons are out yet

In the dub she's played by Barbara Barnes who was Mrs. Leidner / Mrs Lester in Poirot, Anchor in New Dominion Tank Police(which I saw a bit of in the 90s), News Anchor in Patlabor 2 (which I hear is Good), Nene in Bubblegum Cash(Which I heard is good and otta see), Nobuko in Roujin Z(Like, Mazinger Z?) Young Sawa in Rumik World: Mermaid Forest, Nanase in Judge (Which I think was good), Lisa in A Wind Named Amnesia (From the director of p0rn0es like Ninja Scoll and Wicked City), Barfly / Jackie in Mad Bull 34(Mondo Cool), Aila Mu in Violence Jack Evil Town, Sabu in Violence Jack Harlem Bomber and Jun in Violence Jack Hell's Wind(Those were made when Anime was cool!!), Peace and Freya in Angel Cop(Bada55!!) and Scoop / Student / Tech in Project AKo (which I hear is good)

Amon OAV[edit | edit source]

In Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman she is in... wait1 she wasn't in this!!

Live Action Movie[edit | edit source]

In here she's called Emi Makimura (Like Emi Isuzu? The fat chick from Tenjo Tenge? Hot!!) and was played by Yoko Aki.

Netflix verison[edit | edit source]

Its like that Yugioh Ending song from the Japanese ver with them looking at photoes. But really f'd up!!

in here I think Tare Makimura eats her after turning into some kinda worm abomination. Sounds fetish.

In here she's voiced by Sayaka Kobayashi who was Akiyo Sada in Sword Art Online (Hot??)

In the dub she's voiced by Anne Yatco who was Taisha in Children of the Whales,Amanza Volchkova in ID-0, Hiromi Shirahane in Kuromokuro, Corte in Love Song, Hamamoto in Penguin Highway and Kriks in Ultramarine Magmell. I have never even heard of any of these.

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