Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Wasn't there a joke about saving supermodels on The Critic where Jay Sherman runs a marathon?

A human female who don't like violence from Violence Jack in the OVA Violence Jack Evil Town. She has green hair in the anime and dark hair in the manga and has green-ish teal-ish eyes. She is a super model and hangs out with curvy super models without men but with a Body Builder Woman named Rikki (who may be her lesbian lover). She is very forgiving and values life over fear and has a gentle pure heart like most of the women in Go Nagai's Violence Jack things.

What She Does In Evil Town[edit | edit source]

Green hair? Possible Lesbian? Super model? Skilled leader? All in one curvy package.

She was a fashon model before the Quake but after it she lived with the men of Section A so she wouldn't get...unvirgined(wait...was she a virgin before? well she ain't now) by Section B. She and the other females in Section A end of getting...unholy things done to them(Even Rikki in the anime since she was asleep) and the super models went to make their own group called Section C. When Violence Jack is dug up she brings some super models with her and expose Section A as the Law&Order SVU villans they really are and Violence Jack Joins them. She offers him jewlery and her body but he does it out of kindness(helping her. Not Sodomizing her). After Section C breaks through to the outside world, Mad Saulus wants them all killed since the outside world would lynch Section B for the horrors that they were doing in Evil Town but called out that he wants Aila.(In the anime, Jack punches through a stone wall and lets them out but Section B kills the Section A men ).When Section A is getting Slaughtered by Section B she wants Jack to help them and save the men and children since she has forgiven them for the...unholyness since she's just that nice and (in the manga) helps a few people. After escaping from the Section A men, Aila and friends rest but Rikki goes to check out a sound(Kawamori peeing in the anime and a rock thrown in the manga) and gets gang shived. Section B comes in and kills/violates them. She was being...unwillingly touched by Kawamori in the anime (and a nameless Hokuto no Ken reject in the manga) and he gets shanked by Blue (told to get off in the manga). Blue later rapes Aila. Jack comes in and kills everyone who isn't evil and Aila and the super models go outside and find a wasteland(in the anime its a grassland with ruined buildings and such in the background) and when they look for Jack in Evil Town he isn't there. She feels bummed out since her modeling skills are useless in this wasteland world and the other supermodels comfort her and say she is a good leader and skillful.

In here she was voiced by Arisa Ando who was also Mayumi Takahashi in Kekko Kamen, Hitomi in Angel, A buncha chicks in Cream Lemon, Dee in Demon Beast Resurrection, Mako Saito in Dōkyūsei: Climax, Utako Daigo in Twin Angels, Ayami Kumehara in Professor Pain, Soap Girl in Wicked City, Ashura in Spirit Warrior/Peacock King/Kujaku-Oh, Airi in Fist of the North Star and Ocho in Ninja Resurrection.

In the dub she's played by Barbara Barnes who was Mrs. Leidner / Mrs Lester in Poirot, Anchor in New Dominion Tank Police(which I saw a bit of in the 90s), News Anchor in Patlabor 2 (which I hear is Good), Nene in Bubblegum Cash(Which I heard is good and otta see), Nobuko in Roujin Z(Like, Mazinger Z?) Young Sawa in Rumik World: Mermaid Forest, Nanase in Judge (Which I think was good), Lisa in A Wind Named Amnesia (From the director of p0rn0es like Ninja Scoll and Wicked City), Barfly / Jackie in Mad Bull 34(Mondo Cool), Akiko Makimura in Devilman:Demon Bird Sirene (blood and t-ts! Yeah!!), Sabu in Violence Jack Harlem Bomber and Jun in Violence Jack Hell's Wind(Those were made when Anime was cool!!), Peace and Freya in Angel Cop(Bada55!!) and Scoop / Student / Tech in Project AKo (which I hear is good)

What She Does In King Of Brutes[edit | edit source]

She looks a bit like Sayaka Yumi but is nude more ofter

After leaving Evil Town she and the super models find a Jungle in Japan since the Quake made the land cave in and become a basin that became a natural greenhouse and has hot springs. They made a statue of Jack called King Bomba and live in a village called the Village of Mu (that used to be a school and still had some kids and teachers). One night while taking a bath in a hot spring, a Tiger comes near and does Urotsukidoji tongue things to her(but it may have been symbolic) and is saved by Shingo Hibiki who becomes friends with the Tiger. At the Village of Mu, Shingo is welcomed until Kibara comes in and kills all the kids and takes the super models to their camp and puts them in humiliating positions. They are saved by a Jack possessed Shingo Hibiki who slaughters all the evil people and animals. All that is left after the battle is the super models, Shingo and corpses with ruined villages and the shattered statue of King Bomba with Shingo at its feet near the crushed Tiger.

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God Mazinger[edit | edit source]

Anime[edit | edit source]

Too much clothes! Take most of em off!

to be added

Aila is voiced by Yoshiko Sakakibara, who besides being Sirene in CB Chara Go Nagai World and Devilman:Demon Bird Sirene, was also Valia in Valis 1, Bagnag in Crying Freeman, Tai's mom in Digimon the movie, The Puppet Master (version 2.0) in Ghost in the Shell (movie), Sesshōmaru's Mother in Inuyasha the final act, Miss Caroline in Lily C.A.T., Shinobu Nagumo in Patlabor, Queen Nehelenia in Sailor Moon, Younger Snake Sister In Vampire Hunter D and Kaoruko Kinoshita in You're Under Arrest.

Manga[edit | edit source]

In the reall version he was probanly j-rkin off to her

So 20 000 years ago was a war in the land of Mu. Yamato Hino is He playfully is gonna take off her Kaoru Asahi's clothes WOC(With Out Consent) to see how much she's grown but this huge a55 stone face comes in and Aila Mu appears, asks Yamato to come, and vanishes. Then we find that the continent of Mu sank in the Pacific Ocean 17 000 years ago (But Creation Science says the earth id only 6000! Why not Just go Tom Cruise and say its Trillions of years?!) and 3000 years prior, the Dragonia Army was fighting using dinosaurs (I guess this IS Creationist!) and in an attack, a bada55 naked chick escapes on a bareback horse ride as villages burn. Aila Mu chats with Muraji about how there's a prophecy that sez Mu is gonna get f'd into da sea and tells him to lead the forces to win and find out who wacked the king (Aila's Dad). The naked bada55 is Soniya and for her info on what to do, Aila lets her join the army. So Dragonia fights Aila's side as Yamato goes on a school trip in a bus and the bus goes into the Mu area and everyone get killed. The end. JK! Really Yamato and Kaoru survive and he uses his Psychic powers and battle skills to fight the Dragonia dudes. Yamato ditches Kaoru to teleport to Aila as she's totally hot and Aila tells how her people came in a big Robotech Spaceship long ago and left a book of prophecy that tells of da future and has a lot about Yamato. Wait, Is this where All those teen novels like The Mortal Instruments or I Am Number 4 or Percy Jackson got it from?! So Just like with Demon Lord Dante, this big monster thing (this time made of stone) with an image of Yamato in his head, absorbs him into it by eating him and comes to life as a big a55 kaiju thing! So Yamato as God Mazinger goes to the battlefield and slags everyone but hates it as he don't like being a killer. So God Mazinger is f--kin up the Dragonia guys and Commander Bura gets orders to fall back as King Dorado arrives on a massive Dinosaur with Gilligan's Island like wings built on. Dorado uses Gravity powers but God Mazinger spins to make a tornado and rides it to slice the Dinosaur in half. King Dorado escapes and God Mazinger barfs out Yamato who's naked and everyone but the reader can see his uncut wiener. Aila Mu shows up and has them build a camp around God Mazinger and Soniya takes care of naked Yamato. So Yamato gets his own room and a slave kid who is a super fan of his (and would b0ne in the greek ver) and he feels out of psychic energy after being God Mazinger. Also Aila got Yamato a sword made of the same stuff God Mazinger's Sword is made of. Then he remembers his homies on the battlefield and goes to save em but the solders have orders to keep Yamato safe. Then Aila comes in and sez she has telepathy and sent guys out to bury the dead schoolmates and search for survivors. Later, Aila's men Zorba and Dehlia and Gieron fight the Dragonia dudes and Yamato phazes into God Mazinger and teleports off and fight dinosaurs as dorado ready's his god: Hades! So then Dragonia Psychics use their powers to rip open the ground, drop God Mazinger in, and close it. (Is that where Baoh got it from?!) God Mazinger finds a huge a55 spaceship and in it is weird monsters that meld and tentacle and reform like Bebi in GT. fushime says Hades power attacks the heart and soul or w/e and the psychics become giants but Aila Mu negates their effects and their illusions vanish and they splatter on the ground. Aila psychically tells Muraji to fall back and they do and the area they were in get nuked. Meanwhile in the past, the Seto army lead by the 1 eyed Dragon King Narato, as well as King Liu from Tosawa and King Miyatsu from Akitsu come to work with Aila Mu and bring big a55 armies. They like her ans say she's worthy of her father Yula Mu. Later Aila says sorry for not finding his homies that survived and he goes off to use God Mazinger as Dorado is sending a Demonsaur army of genetically modified dinosaurs. but then Eldo comes in on the space ships and sends out a munch of Mazinger/La blue Girl monsters and death ray blasts God Mazinger apart. Yamato fuses with God Mazingers pieces and Eldo nearly catches Aila and Soniya but Dorado uses his ESP to stop him(Like Khyron being recalled by Breetai in Robotech?) as using their space machines will f up the planet like it did their home one. Aila sends the message to fall back but the mechs they sent use modern tech like nukes and f up the area. So God Mazinger Reforms and slags the mechs and the space crafts and Yomito saves Eldo by flying with him. He falls apart and bites it and God Mazinger's power goes out of control like the Guyver and starts f--kin apart the continent of Mu. Yamato spazzes out and ascends to a higher plane inside god Mazinger and God Mazinger is just rocks and this higher being sent power to be used to move it or something. Its revealed to be the Creator of the universe who don't wanna sink Mu but must and also redo the universe as bad guys can arise and get big enough to threaten his plane. Long ago He made Eden where humans lived in peace but Demons arose and f'd things up and turned the people into Demons. He gave the good people a chance to start over and they were the Mu people who came to Earth and Aila Mu's soul was reincarnated over and over to summon His energy into the god Mazinger Statue. And Yamato was chosen to be the representative of Earth people to decide the fate of all those living there and his soul showed the future of Mankind. Because he destroyed too much or something, it showed the future was violence and he begs for mercy and for Aila to be saved as he loves her(What about Kaoru?!). Aila is teleported there (naked, of course) and this love shows God they deserve a chance and He leaves a bit of Mu left to start over. they'll be reborn a lot and be there to defend the world from demons with God Mazinger. then its the modern times and Honey Kisaragi and Seiji Hayami are told the story and they walk home saying its too nuts for a magazine article and can only work in a comic. they go off to probably be a couple and there's a warning that if things go bad, God Mazinger might return and clear out the cr-p.

Mazinkaiser SKL OVA[edit | edit source]

In here she leads the Aira Army and is the kid sister of Himuko.

She's voiced in heres by Atsuko Tanaka who was Juca Mellasch in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Miyakawa Yumi in my hero academia seuxal harassment, Eva Durix in Virtual Fighter, Miranda Jahana in Variable Geo, Neena Hagen in Agent Aika, Sulan in Berserk, Hajime Imori in the Toei Yugioh, Kaoruko in Gravitation, Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell, Masaki Kazakini in Maburaho, Konan in Naruto Shippuden, Eva Krugman in Golgo 13, Claudette in Queens Blade, Bonnie in Tegami Bachi, Moukaku in Ikki Tousenn, Aloe in Pokemon: Black and White, Lisa Lisa (Elizabeth Joestar) in Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, Sirene in Devilman Crybaby, Sarah Tovah in Ys I & II: Eternal Story, Marvel in Bloody Roar 4 and Poison in Ultra Street Fighter IV and V(aw gay!!)

In the dub she's done by Jessica Straus who was Juri in Street Fighter, Tianzi and Zhou Xianglin in Code Geass, Betty in Duel Masters, Gidget in Eureka 7, Miokkaku in Ikki Tousen, Ginta's Mother in MÄR, Lyra in Megaman Star Force, Kariko Tokoyama / Mitsuaami (ep 36); Pollux (ep 21) in Sailor Moon and Miyaji Junko, Secretary in FLCR

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